Turns Photo into Slideshow Video

  • Best slideshow app for iPhone,iPad
  • Mix photos, video clips with music
  • Dynamic slideshows with transitions and pan / zoom
  • Export high quality 4K video fileNEW
  • Ready for birthday party,wedding, presentation
  • Watch photo slideshow on TV via AirPlay
  • Share slideshow videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

Build photo slideshow easily on iPhone iPad

There may have lots of photos from wedding, birthday party, travel etc. One of the best ideal way to share these moments with family or friend is to build a stunning slideshow video with your favorite songs as background music, then you can play the slideshow video on big screen TV or upload to cloud.Download Photo Slideshow Director App and turns your photos and music into fantastic slideshow in minutes on your iPad iPhone.

Make photo slideshows on iPad iPhone easily

With taps and drags on iPad iPhone, you can turn your photos, movie clips and music into live and dynamic slideshow with ease. With slideshow themes, you just need to add photos and music then your slideshow is ready for showing. You can also add text narration, adjust transition effects to customize slideshow.

Export slideshows to videos with high quality

Another important highlight of Photo Slideshow Director is that it can encode slideshows to high quality movie files with very high speed. The encoded videos have resolutions as high as 4K with the latest iPhone iPad. To play the videos on TV, all you need is to copy the slideshow video to a USB drive and plugin TV via USB port, or connect your iPad iPhone to your big screen TV with a HDMI cable. You can also watch the slideshow movies on TV via AppleTV AirPlay.

Merge small video clips to big video file

There may have some small video clips from event such as birthday party, travel besides photos. To combine these short video clips with photos and make a full story video is very simple by using Photo Slideshow Director app, what you need to do is selecting the photos and video files, then the slideshow video is ready for playback.The video files will transit from one to another with professional looking effects.All photos in the slideshow video will be applied pan and zoom effect and transition between them by default to make the slideshow presentation alive.

Make music videos with your favorite songs on iPad iPhone

If your interest is focused on music, you can make music video with Photo Slideshow Director easily too. With the music synchronization function, you just need to add a song and pick some pictures for the song, the App will synchronize the duration of music and presentation time of pictures automatically, the video file length will fit the music perfectly.

Upload to YouTube and Facebook for share

If you want to share the memorable moments with more friends, there is no need to do any cockamamie steps. You can simply upload the slideshows to Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive,YouTube or Facebook after exporting the slideshow to video file. The video file will be saved in camera roll, it is easy to upload YouTube, Facebook or other cloud services.

Fully customized slideshow

Photo Slideshow Director is very easy to use, you can build a professional slideshow video in minutes. However, there are many features you can customize to make an unique slideshow. The app lets you choose transition effects between photos from dozes of styles. With powerful photo editor, you can apply effects to photos, crop photos, add text to photos. The duration of each photo and transition time can also be customized. With pan and zoom editor, you can design the way how photos will be shown precisely.

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