Make slideshow on iPhone and cast on TV through Chromecast

We all like to make slideshow using photos which have our precious memories. But what to do if we have no background knowledge of slideshow, and what to do if we also want to enjoy the slideshow on big TV screen to share with our family members or friends. With a simple iPhone app, everything bec… Read the rest of this entry »

Burn mov videos to DVD on Mac

The instruction is about how to burn mov video files onto DVD on Mac. Videos you took by iPhone/ iPad are mov videos, if you want to keep them onto DVD for keeping, it's very simple to achieve the goal. Last time, we talked about how to use Slideshow DVD Creator to create stunning slideshows using photos or music. Now it has the new feature which supports videos too. So you can not only add videos the same as photos and music to make them into one slideshow, but can also only add video files and burn them onto DVDs by the built-in DVD burner. It's quite co… Read the rest of this entry »

Make slideshow using photos, videos and music

This is about how to add photos and videos into one project, add music as background music and make them into dazzling slideshow in a few steps. The slideshow can then be exported to mov or mp4 video format, so they can be shared to Facebook and Youtube, or they can also be burned into DVD to be pla… Read the rest of this entry »

Make MP4 slideshow using images and music

We all like to take photos to keep memory of our happy times or growth experiences. We also like to share it with friends or family, so they can know our daily life even though we are far away from each other. A slideshow made by still photos and music is good for viewers, and you can also have f… Read the rest of this entry »

Delete Slideshow Project on iPad

Once you have created and exported the slideshow video, you may want to delete those albums imported to make slideshows because you they will no longer being used and you want to free up some space on your iOS device. To delete a slideshow project, please run Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro on yo… Read the rest of this entry »

How to make images and songs into mov video

We like taking photos as well as showing them to others. We take photos to help us remember the good times, and we show them with others to share the happiness. I think that it is a good option to make the photos into video, then you can enjoy it in big screen with your family at home, or upload it … Read the rest of this entry »