4 ways to transfer and sync iPad photos to computer

If you want to backup your iPad photos on computer, this article will help you find the best way to transfer photos from iPad to computer. In the following passage, I will share my experience of syncing photos to pc from iPad.

I am a new iPad user and like capturing shots with the camera.  Sometimes I need to download these photos to my laptop for watching or sharing with friends. I have tried many solutions to sync iPad photos to laptop. After trying and comparing, I get the tools which can help me transfer photos with both WiFi and Cable.

Way1. Connect your iPad to PC with Cable

Just like downloading pictures to your computer from smartphones and digital cameras, plug the iPad date cable into both your iPad and computer, open “My Computer” to find the iPad device, then open the iPad to move pictures to computer. This is a very easy way to sync photos if you have the cable with you.

  • Pros: Easy to use
  • Cons: Need to connect iPad to PC with data cable

move ipad photos to pc

Way2. Move photos to PC with Dropbox

Dropbox is file hosting service lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.  To use Dropbox, first you need to create an account, then download the app to iPad and log in. Tap the Uploads icon to choose photos and upload them to your Dropbox server. Then log in your account in computer browser and  you will see your uploaded photos. Choose photos and download them to your computer.

Dropbox is cloud storage service with 2GB free space, so as long as you upload files to your account, you can view and download them on any computer. Download the Dropbox on your iPhone , you also can view iPad photos. You can access to your account on computer through both browser and client application. Another tool similar to Dropbox is Skydrive (A type of cloud storage service developed by Microsoft).

  • Pros: 1. Wireless transfer photos. 2.It supports photos, docs, videos, and help backup files online.
  • Cons: It does not allow to transfer photos to computer directly (First upload photos to Dropbox account, then download).

ipad photo to pc with dropbox

Way3. Transfer photos with WiFi using Wireless Transfer App

Wireless Transfer App is a good choice if want to transfer photos and videos between iPad and computer quickly and easily. Make sure your computer and iPad are using the same network. Open the App on your iPad and type the URL into your computer browser address bar, then you can view and  download photos to PC. Also you can upload PC photos to iPad with it. This app is compatible with iPhone and iPod too. So you can easily transfer photos and videos between iOS devices wirelessly.

This is the my favorite choice. Without cable and logging into accounts, I can transfer photos between computer and iPad quickly.

  • Pros: 1.No cable needed. 2.Transfer photos and videos quickly and easily. 3. No need to register an account
  • Cons: It supports only photos and videos

WiFi transfer photos

Way4. Sync photos with iCloud Photo Stream

Personally, I do not like use iCloud  because it sync all photos you take with the ” Photo Stream” on when connected to WiFi.(Note: You can turn on “My Photo Stream” in settings->iCloud->Photo Stream ) But as a way to transfer photos, I list it here. iCloud is also a cloud service type which help store your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more. To transfer iPad photos to computer, first you need download the iCloud Control Panel and install it on your computer. Make sure access to the control panel using the same Apple account with that on iPad. As long as you keep the photo stream on, every pictures taken will be automatically synced to your computer and all iCloud devices when connected to WiFi.

  • Pros: Supports music, photos, apps, calendars, documents.
  • Cons: 1.Transfer photos automatically without permission. 2. It does not allow you to choose pictures to transfer. 3. It can not transfer pictures taken without photo stream on.

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