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The best photo transfer app for iPad and iPhone

You have lots of photos and videos  snapped by iPhone 4 / 4S great camera, sometimes, you want to copy them to your iPad or the other iPhone of your friends or family. Using iTunes is painful, it is even impossible while you want to keep the photo library of the device that you want to copy to unchanged.

Today, I will introduce the iPad / iPhone app named “Wireless Transfer App”, with the help of Wi-Fi network, you can easily share your iPhone photos and videos, transfer them to other Apple devices quickly and wirelessly. You don’t need iTunes, USB cable.

First of all, grab the app from AppStore by clicking here.

You need to run this app on both devices, If you use the same Apple ID, you only need to pay once to run this app on multiple devices.

Wireless Transfer App

Wireless Transfer App

To transfer photos and videos from your iPhone to iPad, you just need to tap the “Receive” button on the app running on iPad, then your iPhone name will be listed as below:

Wireless transfer app device list

Wireless transfer app device list

Tap the iPhone devices name, all images on this iPhone will be listed as albums and thumbnails:

Wireless Transfer App Album List

Wireless Transfer App Album List

Wireless Transfer App Thumbnail

Wireless Transfer App Thumbnail

You only need to select the photos or videos that you want to transfer to your iPad, and the app will download the files from your iPhone to iPad  wirelessly.

Download Photos and Videos

Download Photos and Videos

As you can see from above screenshot, transfer photos and videos from iPhone to iPad is easy, quick and no need for USB cables.

You can also transfer from iPad to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone, iPad to iPad, iPod touch is also supported. Further more, this app also can transfer photos and videos to and from computers, no other softwares required.

For more information, please visit the app’s website by clicking here.

Photo Slideshow Director HD User Manual

Photo Slideshow Director HD is a very easy to use iPad/iPhone photo app, it has an intuitive interface.  To use our software without a manual for everybody is our goal. However,  with a manual, it is more effective to learn how to use this iPad photo app ASAP, please click the link below to read :

PDF Version of Photo Slideshow Director User Manual

We have received lots of reviews on AppStore, Thank you for your support to us.

App for creating videos on iPad with photos

This article will show you a video maker app for iPad for creating videos with pictures. With this iPad video app, you can easily create a picture video with music, transitions, pan&zoom and other effects. Then you can enjoy eye-catching videos on iPad with full screen.

For iPad’s small size and powerful functions,  people like using it to take pictures , watch movies, listen to music etc. Lying on bed, you can enjoy movies with iPad in your hands. What about making a video with your own own pictures on iPad for viewing, recalling best memories? Sounds like a good idea. Download iPad video software and convert your pictures to wonderful videos.

Create video from pictures on iPad

Create video using pictures on iPad

iPad Video App  is available on AppStore for only $3.99 and it enables you to create videos using pictures from iPad iPhoto library and web album photos , including photos in Picasa, Facebook and Flickr.

The app is so easy  that you only need simple steps to finish your own video:

1.Import photos to the app from iPhoto library and web albums. The program enables you to import photos not only from iPad, but from websites, including Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.

2. Add background music from iPad. If you like, you can add more than one songs as background music to play with your pictures.

3. Apply transitions, pan&zoom, themes, beautiful images. There are many video effects available for you to decorate your video . So you can add these effects to make an expected video.

4.Edit photos with its built-in photo editor. The app provides some basic photo editing functions, which allow you to correct pictures for video using. You can add enhance effects, rotate photos, crop pic, remove red eye, adjust brightness and contrast, set sharpness etc.

5.Choose output format and save videos from different choices. The app offers 2 video formats: Mp4 and Mov. After choosing the video format, you can choose  a way to save  the video. You have 3 choices to save finished video:

  • Save the video to iPad iPhoto library.
  • Upload the video to Facebook for sharing with friends from the app.
  • Upload the video to your YouTube account for saving and sharing fro the app.

If you do not want to save the video , you can view it directly on iPad in the software or play it on widescreen TV, video projection screen, or other HDMI- compatible display with  Apple Digital AV Adapter.

The app creates  videos with a highest  definition of 720p HD video.Also you can choose a low definition video output.

create video from pictures on ipad iphone

create video from pictures on ipad iphone

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How to View RAW images on your iPad?

As a digital camera fans or professional photographer, you may prefer the RAW image format .  The RAW format keeps all details, whereas compressed jpg photos decreases in quality.

For iTunes will be automatically converts all image formats to JPEG before syncing, so you can not get Raw photos to iPad. However you can use Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

raw photo on ipad

To view your RAW images on iPad, you need an Accessory called “Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit”, which is available on Apple online store  at here for $29.00

The advantages of iPad Camera Connection Kit:

1. You can import images from your camera SD card to iPad directly, without PC and iTunes.  This is a super easy way for moving lots of photos to iPad from digital camera

2. Downloading RAW photos in digital camera to iPad instead of  compressed JPEG.

Disadvantages : you need to prepare a huge space for RAW images.

 Recommended App: iPad Photo Viewer App

After importing Raw photos from your camera to iPad, you can view them on your iPad in an interesting way with best iPad Photo Viewer. The iPad photo viewer enables you to view photos with music , transitions, themes(like wedding, Christmas) and more effects. It supports Airplay, so you can even stream your photos to HDTV via Airplay with it.

ipad slideshow app

iPad RAW Photos Viewer

How to transfer iPad slideshows to desktop PC

After making a fantastic slideshow on iPad with Photo Slideshow Director HD,  you may want to transfer the slideshow video to Desktop PC. Then you can copy it to USB drive for playing on HDTV, or burn to DVD disc, and etc.

You can move a iPad slideshow to computer in two different ways: 1. Wireless transfer to PC using Photo Slideshow Director HD’s built-in WiFi transfer. Read Tutorial>> 2. Transfer the slideshow to PC using iTunes.

How to transfer a slideshow to computer from iPad using iTunes?

Step 1 :  Output a slideshow to a movie file.  Please tap the “Export” icon on the main screen toolbar and share movie to “Photo Library”.

create a slideshow on ipad and transfer it to pc

Output the slideshow to a video format

After touching “Photo library”, a window will pop up, asking you to enter title and description for the slideshow. Then choose a video resolution for 360p, 540p and 720p.

write video title and description

create a video with title and description

Although the video encoding speed is really fast on iPad, especially on the new iPad, you still need a little patience.  To encode a 5 minutes video of 720p,  it may take about 8 minutes.

Step 2 : After encoding is finished, the slideshow video will be saved to your iPad Photo Library. Now connect iPad to your computer using USB data cable.

Step 3 :  Open iTunes on your computer and it will automatically recognize the iPad and show iPad name under “DEVICES”. Click iPad name and choose the “App” tab on iTunes,  scroll down to File Sharing Section:

Save iPad Slideshow to Desktop PC

Save iPad Slideshow to Desktop PC


Step 4 : Please find our app icon (its name is “PhotoDirector”) and select the .MOV/.MP4 slideshow videos you just created, then click the “Save to…” button to save the videos to your computer hard drive.

Then you can copy the slideshow video to USB memory stick or burn it to DVD.



How to use AirPlay with Photo Slideshow Director HD on iPad

One of the greatest features of Photo Slideshow Director HD is the AirPlay support. With AirPlay feature, you can  stream the stunning slideshow to your HDTV and speakers via Apple TV using WiFi. If you have  an iPad 2 and Apple TV (2nd generation) with both iOS 5 installed, you can use this easy guide to activate AirPlay mirroring on your device and play the slideshow on big screen TV easily.

Minimum Requirements:

1. To use this feature, iPad 2 (and later) and Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation)  . It does not work on  iPad1 and AppleTV1 .

2. iOS5(or latter)  is installed on both devices.

3. Wi-Fi.


Step 1: Make sure that your Apple TV is on, and that it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network with your iPad.

Step 2: Double press the home button of iPad to bring up the latest used apps list. Swipe the multitasking tray from left to right, and tap the AirPlay icon.

Photo Slideshow Director HD airplay

Photo Slideshow Director HD AirPlay

Step 3: Choose  “Apple TV” and toggle the on/off slider to ON. Then your iPad screen will be displayed on HDTV.

Step 4: Return back to Photo Slideshow Director HD app, tap the “Export” icon and select the “HDTV” item.

airplay ipad photos to tv

AirPlay function of Photo Slideshow Director HD

Step 5: Now tap the play button, you can watch your photo slideshow on HDTV.

Play Slideshow on iPad with AirPlay

Play Slideshow on iPad with AirPlay