Best photo editor software for iPad

This article is about the best photo editor app for editing your photos on ipad. With this photo editing software, you can easily sharpen, crop, remove your photos.

“I have many photos on my iPad, but some of the photos are not perfect, so how can I organize and edit these photos to make them more beautiful for sharing with friends and family? ” Many iPad users ask the same question. Now the following passage will show you the best photo editor for iPad—Photo Slideshow Director HD and its key features for image editing.

best photo editor software

Photo editor app

Of course, Photo Slideshow Directory HD is the best iPad photo editor tool for iPad users. This photo editor enables you to import photos from iPhoto library and web albums, including Picasa, Facebook and Flickr. Then edit photos to fix them, such as enhance effects, rotate photos, crop, remove redeye, adjust brightness and contrast, set sharpness etc.

So how to edit photos on iPad with best photo editing tool, you just need two steps.

Step1. Import photos from iPhoto and Web albums

With the best image photo editing software, you can edit photos from iPhoto library and Picasa, Facebook and Flickr web albums. Before editing photos, you should import them to the app first.

Tab the “Photo” icon, the software will list all photo albums in your iPhoto library. Then you can tap the album name to open it and choose photos to add. Or tap the forth “Web Album” icon and enter your web album user ID and Password to login in, then import photos from Facebook album, Flickr album and Picasa web album.

image editing tool

Import photos for editing

Step2. Edit photos

Tap the fifth “Edit ” icon, you can begin to correct photos and add some effects. Function “Photo Editor” enables you to rotate, enhance effect, adjust brightness and contrast, crop, sharpness etc.

These photos editing functions can make your pictures more attractive without blemish .You can add text and subtitle for photos which can used to express your feelings. For example, you can write when the photos were taken.

Also you can edit photos by taping one of photos from the photo list which is at the bottom of the screen. A Pencil tab on the left top of the small photo will appear. Tap it and you are allowed to arrange photos orders, delete photos, set Pan&Zoom effect and edit photos.

Edit photos

Photo editing option

Other features of Photo Slideshow Director HD.

  1. It makes photo slideshow video on iPad easily, create slideshow with music, slideshow themes, transition effect. You can set slideshow circle play or sync music and slideshow time.
  2. It’s very easy to add text, subtitle, blank background image to every photo. You can write a sentence to tell your friends where or when this picture was taken.
  3. It helps you use simple gestures to set Pan&Zoom effect for photos. Users can rote or resize pictures, too.
  4. It helps you play slideshow movie on HDTV.
  5. Save slideshow movie on iPad, iPhone
  6. It also helps you upload slideshow to YouTube, Facebook directly
  7. Transfer slideshow movie to desktop PC with WiFi wireless
  8. For iMovie App fans, Photo Slideshow Director HD is a powerful add-on to create fantastic photo slideshow clips for iMovie

Photo Slideshow Director HD is an easy and professional photo slideshow and photo editing app for iPad users to create stunning photo video with many effects. If you have many photos on iPad want to enjoy them in a special way, please download it from:

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