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With iPad, people can do many things : sending emails, taking photos, watching movies, playing games. Most people like taking and storing photos on iPad, because iPad is convenient to carry around. However you will find it difficult to manage these photos, because iPad itself does not have photo management function. You may be confused at how to sort iPad photos, delete them, edit them…..

I had the same problem when I tried to manage pictures on iPad. I tried many apps, but none of them meet my needs. Finally somebody suggested a photo management app for iPad—Photo Slideshow Director HD, I used it and found it amazing to manage photos on iPad. So now I am sharing my experience with you here.

iPad photo manager

Photo management app

How can the iPad photo management app help you? Let me  simply summarize it:

  • 1. It is a very easy-to-use photo manager for iPad which has a simple and  user-friendly interface.
  • 2. Wireless  transfer photo slideshow to PC or other mobile devices for viewing
  • 3. Edit photos with its photo editor tool, such as cropping, orientation, sharpness etc
  • 4. Add subtitles on photos
  • 5. View photos in slideshow with transitions, pan&zoom, theme and other effects
  • 6. Arrange photo order by name and date
  • 7. Delete photos you do not like
  • 8. Enjoy photos with background music
  • 9. Download photos from Facebook, Picasa web album and Flickr web album to iPad
  • 10.Put pictures together for viewing without scrolling from many pictures
  • 11. Mirror slideshow to HDTV directly via AppleTV AirPlay
  • 12. Convert photos to mp4 and mov video then upload photo video to YouTube and Facebook directly
  • 13. Play photos in full screen
  • ……..

Hands-on with this photo management app:

Photo Slideshow Director provides really compelling features to help organize photos on iPad. I will give you an example about how to collect pictures you like together and put it on iPad for viewing.

download photo to ipad

transfer picture to ipad wireless

I think it will be interesting to pick photos i like from iPad / PC /iPhone, and put them together for watching  on iPad without taping them one by one. First, I use Wireless Transfer App to download pictures from iPhone and computer. After that, I open the photo manager app, view all my photo library photos from it and tap favorite ones to import them to the app, arrange photo order. Some of the imported pictures are not so perfect, so i use the photo editor to fix them, such as removing red eye, erasing flaw, cropping photos, enhencing etc. Of course, you do not need to use this function if your pictures are perfect.

Then I add several songs as background music by tapping the “Music” icon in the tool bar. To ensure songs keep pace with photos, I enable the “Music and Slideshow Synchronization” option. Transitions can make the slideshow more dynamic and attractive, but it takes much work if you have to choose for every picture. Fortunately, the app will apply random transitions to photos. This is very useful.

Tap the third icon “Theme”, I choose an album theme for my slideshow. I like these themes very much, they contain different beautiful styles. If you want to make your slideshow retro, you can choose a grayscale theme. And I choose the “White Border with Blur Background” as my slideshow theme.

After previewing, I think my photo slideshow is so perfect, so i try to save it. I have many choice to save the slideshow, I can watch the stunning slideshow on HDTV by connecting iPad with TV or Mirror slideshow to HDTV directly via AppleTV AirPlay. If I want to share it with friends, I can upload the slideshow to YouTube and Facebook directly from the app. Also I can transfer it to my PC via WiFi. Finally, I choose to save the slideshow to iPad Photo Library.

You can download it from iTunes App Store and use it to organize your iPad photos efficiently:


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