Burn mov videos to DVD on Mac

The instruction is about how to burn mov video files onto DVD on Mac. Videos you took by iPhone/ iPad are mov videos, if you want to keep them onto DVD for keeping, it’s very simple to achieve the goal.

Last time, we talked about how to use Slideshow DVD Creator to create stunning slideshows using photos or music. Now it has the new feature which supports videos too. So you can not only add videos the same as photos and music to make them into one slideshow, but can also only add video files and burn them onto DVDs by the built-in DVD burner. It’s quite convenient.

Here we want to show you how to add mov videos files and burn them onto DVD without photos and music.

First, of course, you have to download Slideshow DVD Creator to your Mac and click to launch it. If Mac prevents you launching the application, here is a guide to pass the problem : How to install application on to Mac.

The page link is : http://www.slideshowdvdcreator.com .

After launching the application, click the “Video” tab on the left, next select the video files from the folders which appear next to the panel.

Or there is a simple way to do this :  drag & drop the mov files directly into the bottom panel to add them.


Here we don’t add any photos or music files, so just go pass the “Image” “Music” and the “Theme” tab. In the bottom panel, there is icon between each thumbnail of video which is transition effect. It determines how one changes into another. Click the icon to set it.


There also comes the “DVD menu” tab. Here we can set DVD title, subtitle, menu theme for the DVD we are going to burn. If you don’t need the menu, there also has the “No Menu” option.


Click “Play” button to see how it looks like. Before you burn them onto DVD, click “Options” tab to make settings.


Next, click “Burn DVD” button to burn them onto DVD.








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