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thanksgiving day photo

Thanksgiving Day celebration picture collection advice

Thanksgiving Day is coming soon. The holiday is a time of family reunion. To celebrate the special day, you may have a large meal with your family, travel , celebrate with friends and family, attend a Thanksgiving Day Parade etc. To remember these precious and special moments, taking photos is an essential part. Also you can take out your digital photos taken in the past Thanksgiving Day and share them with friends and family to recall best memories.

thanksgiving day photo

So what is an interesting way to enjoy and share Thanksgiving Day pictures?

1. Share Thanksgiving Day celebration pictures to websites

A good way of sharing photos  is to upload these photos to websites, like Facebook, Picasa , Flickr and Pinterest. I like sharing photos on Facebook with friends, so do my friends. We can lean each other’ s recent situation and share interesting experience.

Also you can upload photos to blog websites, such as Worldpress, Google Blogger, Tumblr. Write something about your Thanksgiving Day and  give each photo a comment to describe its special meaning.

2. Create a Thanksgiving Day photo flash slideshow

Convert still photos to a dynamic photo slideshow with music. To make a slideshow, you just need to use a slideshow software. For different devices, you could use corresponding slideshow maker. With Windows Movie Maker, you can make .wmv and .mp4 video on your Windows computer.

If you have an iPad, Photo Slideshow Director HD is a good choice to create a slideshow with Thanksgiving Day photos. It is an amazing app which is simple to use but powerful. With it, you can create a slideshow with music, transitions, customized pan&zoom effects, theme and other effects within minutes. One of its features I like most is the photo editing tool  which provides most basic editing function. The built-in photo editor enables me to fix my photos before sharing. After customizing the slideshow, you can watch the slideshow on HDTV with iPad’s Airplay feature. Or uploading the finished slideshow to Facebook and YouTube to share with friends and family.

 thanksgiving day slideshow software

3. Create a Slideshow DVD with Thanksgiving Day photos

Burning Photos to DVD is good way to preserve your photos. For showing pictures to all people in a room, it is a best choice to play photos DVD on a large screen HDTV with DVD player. Just imagine how nice it is to watch last year’s Thanksgiving Day celebration photos on family reunion evening.

To make a photo slideshow DVD, you can reply on DVD Photo Slideshow . It is an all-in-one slideshow maker and DVD burner which enables you to create a stunning Thanksgiving Day flash slideshow DVD with music, transitions, text, art clips etc.  Besides burning slideshow DVD, it supports various video output formats, such as mp4, avi, sfw,flv and more.

burn thanksging day photo to dvd slideshow

4. Create a Thanksgiving Day photo card

You can use a free Photo Card Maker to make a card using Thanksgiving Day photos. It provides different kinds of templates, including Thanksgiving Day templates. It enables you to import your photo, choose a template, edit the card text. After the card is finished, you can send it to your friend via email or publish it to Facebook. The following is a card made by the app.

photo card for thanksgiving day

royalty free music

How to get Royalty Free Music for making a YouTube video

When making a video for YouTube, you will find that the background music is a thorny issue. Sometimes, you  can not upload videos to YouTube successfully, even you can upload it to YouTube, it will put an ad on your video. What’s worse, you videos will be deleted from YouTube. One of the reasons may be that you are using copyrighted songs as background music. Your safest bet is to use Royalty Free songs as background music for YouTube videos.

How to get Royalty Free Music

Actually, there are some tremendous resources of music licensed under “Creative Commons”, which are in many cases available for free, and is legal to use.Google “Creative Commons music” or “Royalty Free music” , you will get many pages which will show you free music or ways to get free music.

After digging, I got some pretty good websites which offer free music, such as,,,,, Some artiests offer their music to this website for free. Sometimes, you need to give the artists credit to use their songs.

Find the songs you need and  download them to your computer. Then you can listen to the music on your computer or use the music as background music for YouTube videos.

royalty free music

get free music

How to create YouTube videos with Creative Commons music

With free music , you can make YouTube videos without worrying about Ads or deleting or accounts suspending problems. However, you still need to reply on YouTube video maker to create videos with music. Here I will recommend twp YouTube video makers—DVD Photo Slideshow(for Windows) and  Photo Slideshow Director HD(for iPad) .

1. Create YouTube music videos with photos on PC

Referring to video maker for Windows, you may think of Windows Movie Maker, Photo Story, DVD slideshow GUI . Yes, there are many software you can use to make videos.  However, after comparing, I like DVD Photo Slideshow most for its powerful functions and easy-to-use feature.

Import photos and music from  your computer, choose a theme template, preview the video, then choose the output format and export the video for YouTube. It is just so easy.

The software will automatically apply random transitions between photos and pan&zoom on photos. This can save much work. However you can change transitions and pan&zoom with ones you like. Besides, it supports multiple video formats, such as mp4, avi, flv, 3gp, swf, mov, mkv,even HD video. So you can save the photo video for your ipad, iphone, PSP etc.  If you like, you can burn the photo video to a DVD for watching on TV.

Once you get to know it, you will love it.

youtube video maker

create video for youtube

2. Create YouTube music video with photos on iPad

If you have an iPad, you can transfer the Royalty Free music from PC to iPad, and use your photos and music to create a video for YouTube with Photo Slideshow Director HD.

First , you need to move Creative Commons music  to iPad from computer.You can sync computer music to iPad with iTunes following the steps below.

  • Open iTunes on your computer and drag music to iTunes music library.
  • Connect iPad to computer, Check  “Manually manage music and videos” (Click iPad name->Summary->Option->Manually manage music and videos).
  • Click the triangle before the iPad name, you can see the Music icon .
  • Drag music from iTunes music library to iPad “Music” library under your iPad name.
share pc music to ipad

itunes transfer music to ipad

Then you can use Photo Slideshow Director HD to convert your photos to stunning YouTube video within minutes.  Add photos  from your iPad photo albums or Picasa/ Flickr/ Facebook web albums to the app, import several pieces of free music. You can use its photo editor to edit your photos, involving enhance effects, rotate photos, crop, remove red eye, adjust brightness and contrast, set sharpness etc.

Once photos are imported, the app will apply random transitions between them. However you can click the dices between photos to change transitions. The software provides many beautiful album themes, tap the magnifier icon to open the themes and choose one you like.

You can tap the “Setting” on the right top corner to set transitions and slides duration. To make music and photos keep pace with each other, tap the synchronization icon(looks like a clock) to sync slideshow time to music time.

After customizing the video, tap the “Export” icon and Save movie to YouTube. Then it gets started to encode video and upload it to YouTube directly.

create video for youtube on ipad

save video for youtube

ipad photo dvd slideshow

Make a DVD slideshow with iPad photos

On Windows, you can easily make a photo slideshow DVD with Windows DVD Maker or DVD Photo Slideshow. What if make a DVD slideshow on iPad with photos? Actually,Because iPad has no disk drive, it can not burn photo slideshow to DVD  or read a DVD disk. However, you can transfer iPad photos to PC first, then create a DVD slideshow on your computer.

How to transfer Photos from iPad to computer

You can transfer iPad photos to computer in four different ways. 1. Connect your iPad to computer with data cable , then copy photos from iPad memory card and paste them to your computer hard drive by clicking the iPad device in My Computer. 2. Upload your photos to Dropbox cloud storage service on iPad ,then download it to your computer. 3. Use Wireless Transfer App to transfer photos via Wi-Fi. 4. Sync photos with iCloud Photo Stream. Click to get step-by-step guide>>

How to  make a photo slideshow DVD on your PC

You can choose Windows DVD Maker or DVD  Photo Slideshow. For Windows DVD Maker has limited effects(transitions, pan&zoom, menu etc), I want to recommend more professional DVD slideshow maker—-DVD Photo Slideshow.

ipad photo dvd slideshow

The reasons why I recommend DVD Photo Slideshow  are below:
1. Its  user friendly interface and easy-to-use features. Once open the software, you can see three  navigational tabs: Organize Photos, Choose Menus and Burn Disc. The three tabs means that you  can  finish a slideshow DVD in three simple steps.

2. Add music as background music. It allows you to import several songs as background music.  Also you can use the sync option to make slides duration match music.

3. Varieties of slideshow effects. It provides over 300 transitions for choosing. You can customize pan&zoom effects, add text and subtitle, add art-clips, choose themes(such as birthday, wedding, Christmas etc). According to your needs, you can set time for each slide.

4. Stunning DVD menus. It provides 90+ DVD menu templates , involving birthday, wedding, graduation, children, Christmas and others. Besides, it enables users to import image as menu background image and customize the menus as per individual needs.

5. Multiple output formats. Not only can the software burn a slideshow to DVD/ CD, but it can export a slideshow to different video formats, such as mp4, mpg, avi, swf, flv, mov, mkv etc. If you want to save the slideshow as a video playable on certain devices(PSP, PS3, Cell photo, iPad, iPhone, ) or websites(YouTube, Facebook, your personal websites and hosting), you can choose the the devices or website as output format to determine which format you should choose.

You can download DVD Photo Slideshow free version from it website: