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Delete Slideshow Project on iPad

Once you have created and exported the slideshow video, you may want to delete those albums imported to make slideshows because you they will no longer being used and you want to free up some space on your iOS device.

To delete a slideshow project, please run Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro on your iPad, tap on the “Delete” button at the bottom of the screen. Then follow the instructions to delete the project.

Delete Slideshow Project on iPad

If you have saved multiple slideshow projects, you need to browse through the projects and make the one you like to delete as the current project. When the target project is selected as current, tap on the “Delete” button to remove it from the slideshow maker on your iPad.

Photo Slideshow Director HD 5.1 – Slideshow Software for iPad and iPhone New Version

From the first version of Photo Slideshow Director HD, we have received great positive feedback from users. However, we keep improving it to make it meet customers’ different needs and fixing small bugs to provide a better user experience.

New features of Photo Slideshow Director HD 5.1

1. Besides landscape playing mode, we have added portrait view playing mode. With the new feature, you can play your portrait photos as a slideshow on iPad/ iPhone/ iPod.

2. We fixed a bug: the background blinking bug. Now your picture slideshow will be more fantastic.

Photo Slideshow Director HD Intro: It enables you to use photos from iPad / iPhone albums and web albums(such as Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox) and create slideshows with music and kinds of effects. It is a good choice to showcase and share your photos : turn photos to a stunning slideshow and watch it on HDTV, or share to YouTube / Facebook / Dropbox/ SkyDrive.

How to stop Pan and Zoom effcts in a slideshow

Photo Slideshow Director HD enables you to apply Pan and Zoom effects to your slide show project. You can easily customize Ken Burns effects pan, pinch, rotation gestures for each slide. Or you can set Pan and Zoom effect for one slide, then apply the effect to all other slides. Sometimes, you may not want to use the panning and zooming effects. So please read this tutorial to stop the Pan/ Zoom effects for your slides.

Way1. Choose a theme without pan and zoom effect from the theme list, such as the Static Frame theme.

Way2. Set the start and end frame of the pan/ zoom effects the same one for all photos. Touch the Edit icon, you will see the Pan & Zoom and Apply to All Photos. Choose Pan & Zoom option, a pan & zoom setting window will show up on the photo. Touch the Set As Start, then Set As End. You have cancelled the panning and zooming effect for the current photo.

Then touch Apply to All Photos to stop the Ken Burns effects for all other photos. Touch the Play icon, you can see there are no pan and zoom effects now.

stop ken burns effects

How to delete photos from a slideshow on iPad

You can easily create a stunning slideshow on iPad using Photo Slideshow Director HD.  The app enables you to import photos from iPad photo library, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram to a slideshow project. What if you want to delete a photo from a slideshow project?

This iPad slideshow software provides two different ways to delete slides.

Way 1. Touch the slide you want to delete from the photo thumbnail list at the bottom of the screen, you will see a pencil in the upper left of the photo, touch it to show a function bar. Touch the second trash can icon to delete the slide.  Delete other photos in the same way.

delete photos from ipad

Way 2. Touch the Arrange Photo Order icon from the function bar as shown in the picture above, you will go to the Arrange Order window. Turn Delete (at the right bottom) on, a cross will show up in each photo’s upper left. Touch the the cross to delete photos.

delete photos from slidehsow project

A software for photographers to share their digital photography galleries

With the development of digital camera, we can take pictures with smart phones, cameras, tablets and anything else with a digital camera.  We all like to share beauties to others. However, people easily lose their patience facing hundreds of pictures. Then how to find a way to share your photography galleries while wowing audiences?

You can do more than just showing people still photos. Showcasing photography galleries with suitable and gripping music can give people a refreshing stimulus. Also you can add transitions, pan&zoom and other effects to make your work stand out. That is what Photo Slideshow Director HD is designed for. No matter you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can use this iPad photo app to enjoy and share photographs in a different and interesting way — slideshow.

Import photos from iPad and web albums

The software provides multiple ways to import your photography galleries.You do not have to put all photos on iPad first, for Photo Slideshow Director HD can import photos from web albums, including Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram.

After adding photos, you can drag to arrange photo order. Besides, you can sort photos by name and date.

Import photos

Add photos to Photo Slideshow Director HD

Apply kinds of slideshow effects

Music, transitions, pan&zoom effects, text and all other effects can help you make a Hollywood slideshow video with your digital photos.

Music is a key factor for a successful slideshow. So you’d better choose  suitable and fascinating songs according to your audience and photos theme. The app enables you to add more than one songs. Also you can use the synchronization to sync slideshow to music.

Moreover, you can apply transitions, pan&zoom, text, subtitles to your photography galleries slideshow. Text and subtitles can be used to deliver special meaning of your photos. You can also set text color, font and size. According to your needs, you can set slides and transition time.

apply transitions,music to slideshow

Add kinds of effects for slideshow

Save and share a photography slideshow

After finishing the slideshow, you can choose ways to enjoy and share it. The app provides different ways to share a slideshow.

1. Upload to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive directly

2. Watch it on HDTV via Airplay(with Apple TV) or Apple Digital AV adapter and HDMI cable

3. Save to iPad Photo Library

4. Wirelessly transfer it to your PC.

watch and share photography in slideshow

Photography slideshow sharing options


How to transfer a slideshow from one iPad to another iPad/iPhone

After creating a touching slideshow on iPad using Photo Slideshow Director HD, you friend or family may love it and want a copy of the slideshow on his/her iPad/iPhone. This tutorial will help you learn how to copy a slideshow from one iPad to another iPad/iPhone.

First, you need to create a slideshow using the nice iPad slideshow app—Photo Slideshow Director HD. Import photos from iPad and web albums(such as Picasa, Facebook, Flickr,Dropbox), add background music and kinds of slideshow effects, then you can save the slideshow to your iPad photo library. If you like , you can upload the slideshow directly to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox or SkyDrive.

After saving a slideshow, you can transfer it to another iOS device in 2 different ways.

Way 1. Use Wireless Transfer App to transfer a slideshow from one iPad to another iPad/iPhone

copy slideshow video

Wireless Transfer App

This is the easiest way to copy a slideshow video between two iOS devices. With WiFi and Wireless Transfer App, you can easily move a slideshow or video from one iPad/ iPhone to another iPad/iPhone or PC.

To use Wireless Transfer App, you have to pay attention to the following issues:

1. Have the Wireless Transfer App installed on both iOS devices.

2. Two iOS devices are in the same WiFi.

3. Have Wireless Transfer App open on both iOS devices.

Then you can touch the Send or Receive tab to send slideshow even photos from one iPad/iPhone to another iPad/iPhone. You can choose to save the slideshow in one existing album or create a new album to save the slideshow.

Way 2. Upload the slideshow to computer, then sync with iTunes to another iPad/iPhone

To upload the slideshow from iPad to PC, you can use the WiFi transfer feature of Photo Slideshow Director HD. Then use iTunes to sync the slideshow to another iPad/iPhone.

Without any other apps, you can wirelessly transfer a finished slideshow to PC using Photo Slideshow Director HD. To use the WiFi Transfer feature, please make sure iPad and PC are in the same network.

1. Save the slideshow on iPad

2. Touch Export icon and choose Wifi Transfer

3. Enter a given URL into PC browser

4. Find the slideshow to download it to your computer

wireless transfer feature

WiFi transfer a slideshow to pc from ipad

Then use iTunes to download the slideshow from computer to another iPad/iPhone.

1. Connect iPad/iPhone to iTunes with USB cable or WiFi

2. Move the slideshow to iTunes Movies Library

3. Click iPad name under DEVICES, then click Summary and choose Manually manage music and videos

4. Drag the slideshow from iTunes Movie Library to iPad/iPhone Movies Library under the iPad/iPhone name

use itunes to move pc video to ipad

manually download slideshow video from pc to ipad

Now, you have copy the slideshow onto another iPad or iPhone. However, as you see, this needs much work. Comparing method way, method 2 is a complex method.