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How to post Picasa photographs on Facebook as a slideshow

Picasa Facebook Uploader enables you directly post photographs on Facebook from Picasa. However, you can do more than simply upload Picasa photographs to Facebook. You can turn Picasa photographs into a slideshow with music, transitions and more effects, then post Picasa Photographs as a stunning slideshow to Facebook for sharing with friends. Comparing to still photographs, a slideshow more easily attracts people’s interest.

You need a third-party app to do this. Photo Slideshow Director HD can download photographs from Picasa, turn Picasa photographs into a slideshow, then directly upload Picasa photograph slideshow to Facebook.

1. Add photographs to Photo Slideshow Director HD from Picasa

  • Open Photo Slideshow Director HD on your iPad.
  • Touch Web Album icon and choose Picasa Web Album.
  • In the new window, enter your Picasa account information to sign in.
  • After signing in ,  all your Picasa albums will be shown.
  • Choose albums and touch photographs to download them to the app.
add picasa photos to Photo Slideshow Director HD

Import photos from Picasa

2. Create a slideshow with Picasa photographs

Photo Slideshow Director HD is a powerful iPad slideshow app. You can use it to turn Picasa photos into an amazing slideshow with transitions, music, pan&zoom effects, slideshow theme, text, subtitles and more effects. Besides various slideshow effects, it enables you arrange photo order by name and date, edit photographs with its built-in powerful photo editor, sync slideshow to music. Click to get step-by-step instructions>>

If you just want to make a simple slideshow with music, just touch the Music icon to add music from iPad music library and sync slideshow to musict, the app will automatically apply random transitions to photos. Then you can go to step 3 to upload the slideshow to Facebook.

3. Upload Picasa photo slideshow to Facebook

  • Touch Export icon, you can see a list of available sharing options.
  • Choose Facebook, a window will pop up, asking you to enter Facebook login information to sign in.
  • Enter title and description for the slideshow, choose 720P as video resolution,  set slideshow viewing permissions(Public, Unlisted or Private)
  • Touch Upload Now! to publish the slideshow to Facbook. Then you can share your Picasa photographs in slideshow on Facebook.
upload picasa photograph slideshow to facebook

Upload picasa slideshow to Facebook

How to view Picasa album photos in slideshow on iPad

Because Picasa  does not have iOS version now, many people are wondering how to view photos in Picasa web albums on iPad. To view Picasa photos on iPad, you can use Photo Slideshow Director HD. It enables you to get photos from Picasa albums to iPad easily, then view photos in slideshow or save Picasa photos as a slideshow video.

1. Sign in your Picasa account in the app. Launch Photo Slideshow Director HD on your iPad. Touch “Web Album” icon and choose “Picasa Web Album“. In the login screen, enter your Picasa account(your Gmail and password),  then touch “Sign in“.

Sign in picasa account

Sign in Picasa Account

2. Import Picasa photos to the app. After successfully logining, all your Picasa albums will be shown, choose albums and touch photos to  import them to Photo Slideshow Director HD.

3.  Apply slideshow effects to Picasa photos. Having adding Picasa photos to the app, you can turn these photos into a stunning slideshow with kinds of effects.

  • Apply kinds of transitions to photos
  • Add background music and sync slideshow to music
  • Customize pan&zoom effects
  • Edit photos with built-in powerful photo editor
  • Choose a beautiful slideshow theme and customize it
  • Set slides and transitions time
  • Loop the slideshow
create a slideshow using picasa photos

Turn Picasa photos into a slideshow

4. Play and share Picasa photo slideshow

Now, you can touch “Play” icon to view Picasa album photos in slideshow with music and transitions on iPad.

Touch “Export” icon, you can watch the slideshow on TV to view your Picasa photos, even upload it to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive.

play picasa photo in slideshow on ipad

Play and Share Picasa photo slideshow



How to add subtitles to your YouTube video

Wanna create a video for YouTube and add some subtitles with pictures? Subtitles could make your video more clear and deliver your meaning to audiences.  In this article, I will show you how to create a YouTube video with subtitles and post it to YouTube for sharing.

Photo Slideshow Director HD is a slideshow video maker for iPad. It enable you to create a YouTube video and add subtitles for uploading to YouTube directly.

Step1. Import pictures used in a video

To create a video, you need to add pictures to Photo Slideshow Director HD first. You can import photos from iPad and web albums. Touch “Photo” icon and “Web Album” icon to add photos from iPad and Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram.

Also you can add background music, choose a theme, set transitions and pan&zoom effects for your video  by touching corresponding options.

import photos for a video

Import photos from iPad and web albums

Step2. Add subtitles to the video

Touch “Edit” icon and choose “Subtitle” from editing options, then you will see the Subtitle adding window.  Enter subtitles in “Text” area, then you can set the size, font and color for the subtitle you just entered.

Then tap another photo from the photo thumbnails list at the bottom of the screen to add subtitles on the picture.

add video subtitles

Touch “Subtitle” from edit list

Step3. Publish the video to YouTube

After adding subtitles on photos, you can create the video and upload it to YouTube. Touch “Export” icon and choose “YouTube”. Then a window will pop up, asking you to enter YouTube login information. After signing in, you will be asked to enter title, description and choose a resolution for the video.

Finally,  touch “Upload Now” to encode the video and upload it to YouTube.

youtube video with subtitle

upload video to YouTube

How to use Dropbox to share your photos in slideshow

Besides storing photos and other files, Dropbox offers a simple and good solution to share photos with family and friends. However, how to share your photos in slideshow with music and transitions and other effects. It sounds a more interesting way to share photos slideshow instead of still shots.

Unlike Picasa,  Dropbox itself can not turn photos into a slideshow. It just showcases photos one by one. So you need to rely on a third party app to create a slideshow with your photos, then upload it to Dropbox and share it with friends.

Want to have a try?  Before we get started, please make sure that you have a Dropbox account.

Step 1. Use Photo Slideshow Director HD to create a dazzling slideshow

Photo Slideshow Director HD is a simple and fantastic iPad slideshow app which enables you to create a slideshow with iPad photos and Web Album photos, such as Facebook, Picasa , Dropbox. Then upload a finished slideshow to Dropbox directly.

Import photos from iPad Photo Library or web albums, including Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox and SkyDrive.  Then add background music. To keep music and slides play in pace, you can use its music and slides synchronization option.

dropbox slideshow import photos

Regarding transitions, the slideshow software will automatically apply random transitions between photos. Actually the transitions are beautiful. However if you like, you can tap the transition icon(like a dice) between photo thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to change them.Then you can customize pan&zoom effects, choose a slideshow theme, add subtitles and text, set slides and transitions time, and etc.  Also you can use its powerful photo editor to optimize photos.

In a word, this iPad slideshow app has all the features to create a satisfying and attractive slideshow videos.

Step 2. Upload the slideshow to Dropbox from the app

With Photo Slideshow Director HD, you have finished a perfect slideshow.  Then you just need upload the slideshow to Dropbox.

Tap the “Export” option , you can see a list of available sharing  options supported, including playing slideshow on HDTV, upload slideshow to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive. Also you can wireless transfer a slideshow to computer.

dropbox slideshow

Choose Dropbox from sharing options, then enter title and descriptions for slideshow, choose video resolution, and enter your Dropbox information to sign in. After that, the app will encode the slideshow video and publish it to your Dropbox account.

upload slideshow to dropbox

Step 3.  Share the slideshow to friends via Dropbox

Now the slideshow has been published to your Dropbox account as a video. You can share the slideshow to friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. Locate the file and Click the Link icon on its right side and Click Share Link. A small new window will show up displaying share options available, including email, Facebook and Twitter. 

choose share slideshow link

Click Email icon and enter emails you want to send, enter messages, then Click Send. The slideshow will be shared via email to your friends. And your friends will get a link of the slideshow, they can view it when clicking the link.

Click Facebook and Twitter icon to share the slideshow to Facebook and Twitter easily.

share photo slideshow in dropbox

How to create a happy New Year photo slideshow with New Year songs

After Christmas, 2013 New Year is coming soon. How should we celebrate this New Year? We should reunite with family, celebrate with friends. Also we should look back on the past year and look forward into the future. It sounds a good idea to collect the meaning and representative photos and create a New Year Christmas slideshow with music. Also you can use photos related to New Year to create a slideshow gift for friends.

Photo Slideshow Director HD is slideshow app for creating kinds of stunning slideshows, such as New Year slideshow, Christmas slideshow, Wedding slideshow. For its various slideshow effects and powerful photo editor, it deserves a best choice for viewing and sharing photos in slideshow.

Before creating a New Year photo slideshow, you need to do some prep work:

1. Select or search photos you need to use

2. Get  New Year songs and put them on your iPad

(Recommendation: 2013 Top New Year Songs for Slideshow)

3. Install Photo Slideshow Director HD on your iPaddownload slideshow softwareThen you can begin to create happy New Year photo slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD.

The slideshow app is rather easy to use.

create photo slideshow for new year

1.Import photos from your iPad Photo albums or web albums(Including Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Skydrive and Instagram).

2. Add happy New Year music to the slideshow.

3. Choose a happy New Year theme for the slideshow.

4. Add New Year Greetings on photos.

5. Customize the slideshow with other effects, such as change transitions, set pan&zoom effects, set slides time, use photo editor and etc.

6. Save and share New Year slideshow.

You have the following choices to save and share a photo slideshow.

  •  Play the slideshow on iPad.
  •  Play the slideshow on HDTV via cable or Airplay
  • Save the Movie to iPad Photo Library
  •  Upload the Movie to Dropbox or SkyDrive
  •  Share the Movie to YouTube or Facebook
  •  Wireless Transfer the slideshow to computer

new year music slideshow