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Photo Slideshow Director HD is Free For Limited Time

Photo Slideshow Director HD is Free For Only 2 days

The best iPad Slideshow App—Photo Slideshow Director HD is Free for 2 days now.

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The app is worth $3.99 in iTunes App Store.

Now It is Free in these 2 days!

Photo Slideshow Director is a HD photo slideshow app that lets you use your iPad to organize your digital photos from camera roll, Instagram, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive,Picasa web albums,Facebook photo albums, Flickr photo sets and create eye-catching slideshow in minutes. It’s an idea tool for you to share your great shots with family and friends on big screen HDTV with iPad, it is also a great software for you to present your business photos quickly and easily.

How to download photos from Picasa to iPad

Can I get pictures from Picasa into iPad? So I can send Picasa photos via email or create a slideshow with Picasa photos. Actually it is so easy to download Picasa photos to iPad for saving with the Picasa photo downloader and iPad photo slideshow app—Photo Slideshow Director HD.

As its name implies, it is a slideshow software. Also it can download photos from Web albums(Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Drobox, SkyDrive and Instagram) to iPad. If you like, you even can turn Picasa photos to a fantastic slideshow.

Step 1. Tap Web Album icon and choose Picasa icon from the web album list

Once you tap the web album icon(marked with red rectangle), a web albums list will appear, showing the possible web albums where you can download photos, including Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Drobox, SkyDrive and Instagram.

Choose Picasa Web Album to get Picasa photos.

picasa on ipad

Step 2. Enter your Gmail account and  password to sign in Picasa

After choosing Picasa Web Album, a pop-up will show up. You need to sign in your Picasa account by entering Gmail and Password.

enter picasa account information

Step 3. Tap photos in Picasa to download

After signing in, you can see all Picasa albums , choose albums and tap them to access your photos, then tap photos to download them. The “Add All” icon enables you to download all photos in a chosen album.

In the step, the photos have been downloaded to the app, not the iPad albums.

get picasa photos

Step 4. Save Picasa photos to iPad from the app

Tap the icon right next to “Web Album” icon, scroll down and tap “Save Current Slide” to save downloaded photos to iPad Camera Roll one by one.

save photos from picasa to ipad

The app also enables you to create a fantastic slideshow with download photos from Picasa, learn how to turn Picasa photos into a slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD.

How to download photos on Facebook to iPad

Many people like uploading photos to Facebook for sharing with friends. With iPad Facebook App, you can easily upload iPad photos to Facebook. Or you can share photos to Facebook from computer. However, what if you want to download photos from Facebook to iPad? In this article, I will introduce an Faecbook photos downloader.

With this Facebook Photos Downloader, you can not only put Facebook Photos on iPad, but can turn Facebook photos into a slideshow on iPad.

Step-by-step instructions on saving Facebook photos to iPad

Step1. Open  the app on your iPad

Step 2. Tap the web album icon . Actually, the App allows you to download photos from Facebook , Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox and SkyDrive to iPad.

Step 3. Tap Facbook icon and sign in your Facebook account. Once you tap the Facebook icon, a log-in screen will pop up, enter your Facebook log-in information to sign in.

download facebook photos to ipad

Step 4. After signing in , your Facebook albums will be listed, choose albums and tap photos to download.

Step 5. All downloaded Facebook photos will be listed at the the bottom of the app screen. Tap a photo, they will be showed in the main screen.

Step 6. Tap the icon next to Web Album(right), scroll down to “Save Current Slide”, touch it  to save downloaded Facebook photos to iPad Photo Library one by one.

save photos on facebook to ipad

Also, the app is also a slideshow software, so you can import music, apply transitions, choose a theme to view Facbook photos in slideshow on iPad.

ipad free photo app

Best slideshow software for iPad to create photo slideshow videos

Wanna turn your photos into slideshow videos with kinds of effects?  Photo Slideshow Director HD is designed to help you create various beautiful slideshow videos for different occasions, such as Christmas slideshow videos, Wedding slideshow videos, Birthday photo videos and etc.

ipad free photo app

Photo Slideshow Director HD free

So let’s look at key features of the perfect slideshow software:

1. Create kinds of stunning slideshows , such as Birthday photo video, Valentines’ slideshow video and more easily

2. Besides using iPad Photos, it can import photos from Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram

3. Automatically sync slideshow time with music time

4. Provides kinds of theme templates and over 60 transition effects

5. Apply Ken Burns effect (panning and zooming) to slideshows

6. Support  HD 1080p photo movie watching on HDTV

7. Support subtitles and text for video

8. Airplay photo slideshows to HDTV via Apple TV

9. Support Apple Digital AV Adaptor and HDMI cable, 1920x1080p HD slideshow on HDTV

10. Support iPad Camera Connection Kit for professional photography

11. Upload photo slideshow videos to Facebook, Youtube, Dropbox and Skydrive directly


Download this  photo app for creating slideshows on iPad:

ipad photo editor

iPad photo editing feature of Photo Slideshow Director HD

If you are wondering how to edit your photos on iPad, this article can shed some light on it. Some photo editor only allows you to edit photos in  iPad Photo Library, however, the photo editing app referred in this article not only enables you to edit photos in iPad Photo Library, but edit photos in Facebook , Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox and Skydrive, then save fixed photos to iPad photo albums.

The app is Photo Slideshow Director HD. You may ask it sounds like an iPad slideshow app. Actually, it is both a slideshow and photo editor app for iPad. Besides creating a perfect slideshow on iPad, it can edit and fix photos. After editing photos is finished, you can save photos to iPad Photo Library, or publish photos to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive as a slideshow video for sharing.

Then let’s look at how this powerful photo editor and slideshow creator works.

Step 1. Import Photos From iPad Photo Albums or Web Albums

Launch the app on iPad. Tap the photo album icon(First icon) , you can see all ipad photo albums listed, touch one album, then tap photos to import them. Then choose another album to import photos.

Tap the Web Album icon(Forth icon),  you can see a list of web album icons, including  Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox,  SkyDrive and Instagram. That means you can import photos from these web albums. Tap the album icon, sigh in your account, then choose albums and photos to download.

You can see all the imported photos in thumbnail area at the bottom of the screen.

import ipad and web photos

Import photos

Step 2.  Edit Photos with the app’s photo editor

Tap the fifth editing icon(like a pencil writing on a paper) and choose option “Photo Editor”, then the Photo Editor window shows up. Then you can enhance photos effects, apply filter effects, add text, add stickers to photos, orientate photos, crop photos, eliminate red eyes, etc.

edit photos on ipad

Edit photos

Step 3. Save Photos to iPad Photo Library

After editing photos, tap the fifth editing icon again. Scroll down and tap “Save Current Slide”, the photo will be saved to iPad Photo Library. Or you can upload these photos as a slideshow video to YouTube, Facebook, SkyDrive, Dropbox. If you like , you can view them on iPad or HDTV with transitions, music , themes and other effects.

Edit photos and save it to iPad

Save and share photos


How to create a Christmas Photo Slideshow with Christmas Music

Christmas is one of the most happiest festivals of the year, since we can stay together with our family, receive and send gifts. Christmas is approaching, we can make a slideshow for Christmas Event and Christmas Celebration with our favorite photos.

Photo Slideshow Director HD is designed to create kinds of photo slideshow. Import your photos Christmas photos and Christmas Songs to the app, add kinds of effects to your slideshow, then you can get a dazzling Christmas photo slideshow.

Step 1.  Import Christmas photos to iPad slideshow app.

Photo Slideshow Director HD can get photos from iPad Photo Library and Web albums, including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, Dropbox and Skydrive. So you can put photos you want to use iPad or Web Albums, then import Christmas photos to the app.

Step 2. Customize a Christmas photo slideshow

  • Edit photos with the app’s photo editor. Photo Slideshow Director HD’s photo editor feature is fascinated. You can use the photo editor to add filter effects to photos, crop photos, apply sharpness, enhancing effects, rotate photos, eliminate red eyes etc.
  • Add Christmas songs as Christmas Slideshow background music.Touch “Music” icon and choose Christmas music from iPad Music Library. You can add more than one songs to a slideshow, and arrange the songs order. If music time does not equal the slideshow time, touch the “Music and Slideshow Synchronization” to sync slideshow duration to music duration.
  • Choose a Christmas theme. The app provides kinds of slideshow themes, choose one you like, and touch “Customize” to choose a theme image. For a  Christmas Slideshow, you can choose an image related to Christmas. Or you can import an image from your iPad as theme image.
  • Set transitions effects . The app will apply random transitions to photos. If you want to change transitions, touch the dice shape icon to set transitions you like.
  • Add subtitles and texts to express your meaning. The app enables you to add texts and subtitles. Also you can set text font, color and size.

Step 3. Enjoy and Share finished Christmas Photo Slideshow

After customizing the slideshow in step2, you can save and share your masterpiece with friends and family. You can view and share the Christmas Photo Slideshow in different ways:

Way 1. Mirror your Christmas photo slideshow on HDTV via Apple TV and iPad’s Airplay(with iOS 5.0 and iPad2, the new iPad,iPad 4,iPad Mini).

Way 2.Play your photo slideshow on TV by connecting iPad to TV with Apple Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable or with  Apple VGA Adapter.

Way 3. Save the Christmas photo slideshow to iPad Photo Library.

Way 4. Upload the slideshow to Facebook and YouTube

Way 5. Upload the slideshow to Skydrive and Dropbox

On Christmas Event, showcase your precious photos in the stunning photo slideshow to enhance Christmas atmosphere.

Refer to this video tutorial to create a Christmas Photo Slideshow.

Download Photo Slideshow Director HD Now>>