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A software for photographers to share their digital photography galleries

With the development of digital camera, we can take pictures with smart phones, cameras, tablets and anything else with a digital camera.  We all like to share beauties to others. However, people easily lose their patience facing hundreds of pictures. Then how to find a way to share your photography galleries while wowing audiences?

You can do more than just showing people still photos. Showcasing photography galleries with suitable and gripping music can give people a refreshing stimulus. Also you can add transitions, pan&zoom and other effects to make your work stand out. That is what Photo Slideshow Director HD is designed for. No matter you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can use this iPad photo app to enjoy and share photographs in a different and interesting way — slideshow.

Import photos from iPad and web albums

The software provides multiple ways to import your photography galleries.You do not have to put all photos on iPad first, for Photo Slideshow Director HD can import photos from web albums, including Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram.

After adding photos, you can drag to arrange photo order. Besides, you can sort photos by name and date.

Import photos

Add photos to Photo Slideshow Director HD

Apply kinds of slideshow effects

Music, transitions, pan&zoom effects, text and all other effects can help you make a Hollywood slideshow video with your digital photos.

Music is a key factor for a successful slideshow. So you’d better choose  suitable and fascinating songs according to your audience and photos theme. The app enables you to add more than one songs. Also you can use the synchronization to sync slideshow to music.

Moreover, you can apply transitions, pan&zoom, text, subtitles to your photography galleries slideshow. Text and subtitles can be used to deliver special meaning of your photos. You can also set text color, font and size. According to your needs, you can set slides and transition time.

apply transitions,music to slideshow

Add kinds of effects for slideshow

Save and share a photography slideshow

After finishing the slideshow, you can choose ways to enjoy and share it. The app provides different ways to share a slideshow.

1. Upload to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive directly

2. Watch it on HDTV via Airplay(with Apple TV) or Apple Digital AV adapter and HDMI cable

3. Save to iPad Photo Library

4. Wirelessly transfer it to your PC.

watch and share photography in slideshow

Photography slideshow sharing options


facebook for ipad mini

10 Popular and Useful iPad mini Apps in Apple Store

If you just got an iPad mini or you are thinking of buying an iPad mini , and wondering what apps you should install on it to make iPad mini more useful, this article will give you some points. After digging, I list some popular apps for iPad mini in Apple Store which can help you make the best of your new tablet.

1. Facebook for iPad mini

facebook for ipad miniFacebook is so popular a social website that people around the word use it to chat with friends and share photos, videos with friends. Also, through it, you can make friends with people all over the world. For iPad mini’s portability, you can post updates and learn your friends’ latest news anywhere you go with WiFi.


2. Twitter for iPad mini

twitter for ipad miniTwitter is an online social networking service and micro-blogging service where you can follow other people and post tweets for sharing. Since its launch, Twitter has become one of the top 10 most visited websites on the Internet. Follow the people you are concerned, like Barack Obama, learn their new and post your thoughts.

3. YouTube for iPad mini

youtube for ipad miniYouTube enables you to watch the world’s videos and keep up with your favorite YouTube channels . Also you can create a video and upload it to YouTube for sharing with Friends. YouTube includes vast video catalog, such as music video, movies, sports, education etc.


4. Skype for iPad mini

skype for ipad miniSkype can enables you to make free voice and video calls on internet. Also you can make phone calls at low price to friends and family  with it. Especially if you have friends in another country, skype can save much money for you. I use the free internet call to contact with my foreign friends every day, this help me learn much about different culture.

5. Adobe Reader for iPad mini

pdf reader for ipad miniAdobe Reader is a free PDF reader. PDF is a common document format especially for business man. The app enables you to open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports “Open In…”. Also  you can import PDF files from Computer to iPad mini using iTunes File Sharing function. So you can view the files without having to open PC.

6. Photo Slideshow Director HD for iPad mini

slideshow software for ipad miniPhoto Slideshow Director HD is an app which can help view photos in slideshow or create a slideshow with your photos  from iPad mini, web albums(Picasa, Flickr and Facebook) and PC. This app can help you view and show pictures with music, transitions, theme etc. If you like taking photos or ofter show pictures to people, this app will be helpful.

7. Wireless Transfer App for iPad mini

wifi transfer for ipad mini photoWireless Transfer App is an photo and video transfer app. With it , you can easily move photos/videos from iPad mini to PC or upload computer photos/videos to iPad mini easily via Wi-Fi. If you are confused at photo/video transferring between computer and iPad mini, try this app.


8. Video Converter App for iPad mini

ipad mini video converter appVideo Converter App can help convert different kinds of videos to formats compatible with iPad mini. So you can watch any videos you like on iPad mini without worrying about compatibility problems. This app is help for iPad users who like watching movies on iPad. Also you convert AVCHD, MTS/M2TS videos captured with HD camcorders such as Sony, Nikon and Panasonic to mp4 videos and watch them on iPad mini.

9. NavFree for iPad mini

navigation app for ipad miniNavfree is a completely free GPS navigation app. It has both 2D and 3D mode. It has the feature of  offline map use and address search and live search via Google and Microsoft Bing. With it , you can turn your iPad into a navigation device. If you are not good at direction, this app can be a good assistant.


10. News App for iPad mini

news app for ipad miniApps like USA Today, BBC, the Daily and CNN are some popular notable software for learning latest news in America, Britain and news around the world. Internet makes the world become smaller and we can not live without knowing news about the world. Actually and I like CNN and BBC.


email galary note photo

How to move photos on Samsung Galaxy Note to iPad for viewing in slideshow

In 2011,  Samsung released a hybrid of Android smartphone and tablet—Samsung Galaxy Note. As a successor of  Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note II was unveiled in August 2012. With a  8-megapixel main camera that can record 1080p video, Galaxy Note is a good camera for users to snap photos. There are times you need to move photos from Galaxy Note to iPad for some purposes.

Comparing to Galaxy Note, iPad’s bigger screen will provide a better visual effect for viewing photos. So in the following article, I will show you how to transfer Galaxy Note photos to iPad.

Here, I will demonstrate in three ways to download photos  to iPad from Samsung Galaxy Note.

1. Send pictures from Galaxy Note to iPad via Email

Galaxy Note and Note II both have email sending feature. Tap the email icon on smartphone screen. Tap Compose  to write a new email, enter the email account tied with iPad into the receiver box. Tap Attach and  import photos one by one from cellphone gallery. Once all photos are imported,  you can tap the Send button to send it.

email galary note photo

send photo via email

Also you can open the gallery, select the photo you want to send, touch the photo and select Share via email. Then enter the receiver account and subject in the Compose screen, then send photos via email.

share photo via email

photo share

Then tap the Mail icon on iPad and download photos . Tap Mail icon on iPad screen, open the email which includes photos and tap photo thumbnails for seconds, a small screen will appear to show where you can share photos. Then tap Save Image, the photos will be saved to Camera Roll automatically.

download galaxy cellphone photos to ipad

2. Upload Galaxy Note photos in Dropbox server and download photos on iPad

First you need to install Dropbox on both iPad and Galaxy Note. Dropbox is a Free cloud service which can help store files on its server. Once you upload photos on Galaxy Note to Dropbox, you can view photos on your computer or iPad and download photos.

Download Dropbox to your Android smartphone from Google play, register an account, upload photos on your Samsung Galaxy Note to your Dropbox account.

Download Dropbox to your iPad from Apple App Store, log in with the same account you use on Galaxy Note, tap the Download icon and choose Save to Photo Library.

upload galaxy note photo to dropbox

download galaxy note photo to ipad

3. Download photos to PC first, then transfer photos from PC to iPad

Connect Galaxy Note to PC using the USB data cable which should be provided with the phone. Then the PC will recognize the handset as an external drive. Click My Computer to find the Phone icon, click DCIM folder, copy photos and paste them to a folder on your computer.

download galaxy note photo to pc

choose photo in DCIM

Then transfer photos from PC to iPad. Connect iPad to PC with Data cable, and  use iTunes to sync photos to iPad. However, this may replace your original photos on iPad.  An easy way is to transfer photos with Wireless Transfer App. It can quickly and easily transfer photos via WiFi.

wireless transfer app

After moving transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy Note to iPad, you can use these photos for certain purposes.  Making a music slideshow with these photos sounds a good idea. A simple way to view photos in slideshow: Open one photo album on iPad, touch the Slideshow icon, choose a transition, add background music, then the photos will be played in a simple slideshow. However, you can not save the slideshow.

view galaxy note photos in slideshow

view photo slideshow on ipad

If you want to make a professional slideshow, you may need to rely on a slideshow app, such as Photo Slideshow Director HD. It is an easy-to-use but powerful slideshow software for iPad, which can help iPad users create a photo slideshow with pieces of music, kinds of transitions, customized pan&zoom effects, subtitles, text, theme etc.  Also you can save the finished slideshow as a video to iPad or upload it YouTube and Facebook directly.

slideshow app for ipad

Photo Slideshow Director HD

stram ipad mini photo to tv

Tips and tricks for iPad mini photos

With  5Mp rear iSight camera, iPad mini could be a good assistant to help capture the beauty of life, record memorable moments by snapping photographs. For its portability, you can take it anywhere you go and enjoy photos on it. Also you can move your computer photos to iPad for enjoying. In the following article, I will provide some tips and tricks for iPad mini users about photos.

Tip 1.Transfer photos from computer to iPad mini

This is a common problem for many people, especially for new iPad users. What is an easy and effective way to transfer photos from computer to iPad mini? Of course, iTunes can do that. 1. Download and install iTunes on your computer, then launch it. 2. Connect your iPad to the computer with the data cable and select your iPad mini from Devices. 3.Click on the Photos tab, and check the box “Synch photos from.” , click “Choose folder ”  to locate your picture folder. 4. When photo folder is listed, click the “Apply” button in the right bottom of the screen, it will begin to sync photos.

Also you can use Wireless Transfer App to download photos from computer to iPad mini via Wi-Fi. It will be more easy and quick.

move photos to ipad mini

Tip 2.Download photos to computer from iPad mini

It is very easy to move iPad mini photos to computer. Downloading iPad mini photos to computer is the same with getting photos from digital camera. Just connect iPad to computer with the data cable, then click your iPad device  in My Computer to locate the photos, copy photos and paste them to a folder in your computer. Also you can use Wireless Transfer App to download photos to computer via Wi-Fi.

Tip 3.Create a photo slideshow on iPad mini

Open an album in Photo Library, tap “slideshow” on the right top of the screen, choose a transition, then you can view photos in this album in slideshow. However, what about creating a slideshow with more 3D transitions, customized pan&zoom, text, music etc? In this case, you can use professional slideshow app for iPad mini—Photo Slideshow Director HD. After customizing slideshow is finished, you can save it to Camera Roll, or publish it to YouTube and Facebook directly, or wireless transfer it to your computer. Even you can watch the slideshow on your HDTV. It is a simple but powerful slideshow app for iPad min. You can buy it in iTunes at $3.99.

photo slideshow software for ipad mini

Photo Slideshow Director HD

Tip 4.Burn photos on iPad mini to DVD

For iPad mini has no disk drive, you need to transfer photos to computer first, then burn iPad mini photos to DVD on computer. You could transfer photos from iPad mini to computer by reference to issue 2.Regarding burning photos DVD,  you could  use Windows DVD Maker  on windows and Burn on Mac. Both software are free.

Step-by-step instructions>>

Tip 5. Watch iPad mini photos on HDTV

With a large screen, HDTV is a good choice for showing photos to many people in a room. To enjoy iPad mini photos on HDTV, you can stream iPad photos to HDTV with airplay or connect iPad to TV with Apple Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable(More). To airplay your iPad mini photos on TV, you need to have an Apple TV. Even you can burn photos to DVD and play them on TV with a DVD player.

Stream iPad photos to HDTV guides>>

stram ipad mini photo to tv

dvd movie to ipad

How to watch your DVD movies on iPad

This article will show you how to watch DVD movies on iPad. First, you need to rip DVD to iPad compatible MPEG-4/H.264 video on computer, then transfer the video from computer to iPad.

How to rip DVD to mp4 movie for iPad

Since iPad has no disk drive to read DVD, so you have to convert DVD to mp4 movie compatible with iPad on computer. To do this, you may need a DVD ripper. You can try to use DVD to iPad Converter (Both Mac and Windows version) which enables you to easily and quickly rip all kinds of DVDs to iPad compatible MPEG-4/H.264 video playable on iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3G, iPad 3G+wifi, the new iPad, etc.

Besides DVD ripping function, it can work as a iPad video converter. It can convert most of the popular video formats to iPad videos.

dvd movie to ipad

dvd to ipad converter

It is very easy to use. You just need four steps to finish converting the DVD to iPad movie—1. Insert your DVD into your computer disc drive 2. Click “Open DVD” to import the DVD movie to the program 3. Choose the mp4 output format from Profile drop-down list 4. Click “Start Encode” in the right bottom of the surface to begin ripping.

After converting is finished, you can get your videos by clicking the “Folder” icon.

How to move movies from computer to iPad

You can transfer movies to iPad using iTunes(With data cable) or Wireless Transfer App(Via Wi-Fi).

Way1. Transfer movies to iPad with iTunes

To use iTunes,  first you need to download iTunes to your computer. With it , you can manage the photos, videos and music etc in your iPad.

  • Step1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Step2. Click “Movie” under “LIBRARY” list, then drag your movies to it.
  • Step3. Connect iPad to computer with data cable and click your iPad name under “DEVICES” list.
  • Step4.  Click “Movies” for a row of Synchronous contents buttons in the upper part of the window.
  • Step5. Tick Sync Movies, then a dialog window will come out saying iPad movie will be replaced by movies in iTunes library please remember click “Sync Movies”.
  • Step6. Click “Sync” icon in the right bottom  of the window, then it begins to sync and a syncing process bar will show up.
transfer movie from pc to ipad

itunes transfers movie

However, all movies in iPad will be replaced by movies in iTunes Library. So before transferring, if you do not want to lose your iPad movies, you have to backup them.

Way2. Transfer movies to iPad via Wi-Fi.

Sometimes, you may forget to take the cable with you. In this case, you can move movies via WiFi using Wireless Transfer App. This simple app can help you transfer photos and videos between computer and iPad easily and quickly.

To transfer movies in this way, you have to make sure that both computer and iPad are using the same network. The movies transferred in this way will be saved in iPad Camera Roll.

pc movie to ipad

wireless transfer app

The advantage of the way is that new movies will not replace the movies in iPad. So you will not lose the original iPad movies.

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URL for wireless transfer

How to create a slideshow video on iPad and wireless transfer it to computer

This article is about creating a slideshow video with your photos and transferring it to your computer via Wi-Fi using Photo Slideshow Director HD.

Make your own picture video with music, transitions, theme and other effects will be an interesting way to share photos with friends. Photo Slideshow Director HD can help you do that without doubt. Besides, it can help you transfer finished picture video to computer wirelessly with its built-in Wi-Fi Transfer. So you can transfer your photo slideshow video to PC/Mac without cable or any other apps.

Note: Before transferring via Wi-Fi, please make sure that your iPad and computer and using the same wireless network.

Step1. Make a slideshow with your photos and save it to Camera Roll  using Photo Slideshow Director HD. After customizing the slideshow, tap the Export icon to show the available sharing choices(Learn how to make a wonderful slideshow). Choose sharing movie to “Photo Library” to save the photo video to Camera Roll.

save slideshow to camera roll

choose Photo Library

Step2. In the “Export to Video” dialog box, enter the title and description  for the video, then choose the video resolution and 720p is recommended. Tap “Publish” and the app begins to encode the video. After encoding is finished, it will save the video to Camera Roll automatically.

create 720p video

choose resolution

Step3. Tap “Export” icon again, and choose “Wifi Transfer”, then a Wifi Transfer dialog box will show up with a URL address.

URL for wireless transfer

URL for wireless transferring

Step4. Type the URL in your computer(PC or Mac) browser address bar correctly. The video list that can be transferred will show on the screen. Right-click the name of the video to download and save it to your computer hard drive.

ipad video list on computer browser

video list

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As its name implies, it is an app which can be used to create photo slideshow. With its YouTube and Facebook sharing functions, you can upload your photos to YouTube and Facebook in a form of slideshow video. And also you can also watch your photo video in TV with this app.

Download it from iTunes app stores: