Differences between iPad3 and iPad4

With the release of the iPad 4 , many people have been wondering what the differences between iPad 3 and iPad 4. Is the iPad4 better and more expensive than iPad 3? Actually, without much improvements, iPad 4 is most considered as a updated version of iPad 3. So what does the iPad fourth generation really bring about?

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iPad 3 vs iPad 4 : Connectivity

The main difference between the two types of iPad is their connectivity. iPad4 uses the latest 8-pin Lightning dock which is first announced on iPhone 5 while iPad 3 uses 30-pin dock. This difference will cause the Compatibility in Data cable/Charger. In general, the lightning dock will be trend of Apple’ product.

iPad 3 vs iPad 4: Processor

iPad 4 is packed with Apple’s new processor A6X, which Apple announced “doubles the performance of A5X CPU tasks in iPad 3″.  So it will take less time to load the applications on iPad 4.

iPad 3 vs iPad 4: Camera

Comparing with iPad 3, iPad 4 has been improved in its front facing camera. iPad 3 came with 0.3MP standard definition offering, whereas iPad 4’s front camera has been updated to 1.2MP HD camera. So users who like video-chatting with iPad can have a better experience.

iPad 3 vs iPad 4: OS

The original OS of iPad 3 was iOS 5.1, but users can upgrade it to iSO 6. Now iPad comes with iSO 6. So there is no difference in operation system.

iPad 3 vs iPad 4: Price

The iPad 4 is at the same price of the iPad 3, with the Wi-Fi only tablets coming in at $US499, US$599, and US$699 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively. The aptly named Wi-Fi + Cellular versions cost a bit more, at US$629, US$729 and US$829 for the three storage options.

Both iPad 3 and iPad4 use Apple’s Retina display with 2048×1536 resolution and  264ppi, and two types of iPad’s batteries lasts up to 10 hours. Beyond that, iPad 3 and iPad 4 have no other differences in appearance and configuration.  iPad 4  has been released to completely replace the 3rd generation iPad.

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