How to Create a Photo Slideshow on iPad and Burn to DVD

If you have some commemorative photos and own an iPad, why not gather them and create a photo slideshow on iPad then burn to DVD? It’s an interesting thing to review youth and these unforgettable photos after many years. But how to do it? I’d like to show you how to create photo slideshow and burn to DVD.

Guide: How to transfer an iPad slideshow to computer and burn it to DVD on Windows and Mac

First you need an app Photo Slideshow Director HD.  It helps you turn photos into dynamic slideshow, complete with background music, transitions, texts, themes, etc. After loading the app, here are some simple steps guiding you to create photo slideshow. (If you need detailed steps please visit How to Create Slideshow on iPad )

1. Add photos from iPad photo album then edit photos.

2. Add background music and theme.

3. Set the transition effect and time.

4. Explore slideshow to Photo Library.

Create a photo slideshow with photos and music into fantastic slideshow in minutes on iPad.

Photo Slideshow Director HD Exporting Slideshow to Video

Export slideshow to Photo Libraly. Choose the best resolution for video quality then tap Publish. You will find the output MOV movie file in photo library on your iPad.

Now these photos have been converted to iPad video but how to burn to DVD?

You just need to contact your iPad to PC or Mac, copy the encoded video from your Photo Library to PC or Mac, import the video into Windows DVD Maker(PC) or iDVD(MAC) then burn to DVD within the program.

If you are still confuse the steps. I’d like to once again simplify the process of creating photo slideshow on iPad and burning to DVD:

  1. Download the iPad app Photo Slideshow Director HD from iTunes app store
  2. Create photo slideshows using Photo Slideshow Director HD and save it to your iPad photo library as a video.
  3. Connect your iPad to a PC or Mac
  4. Copy the slideshow video from your iPad to PC or Mac
  5. Import the slideshow video into Windows DVD Maker (PC) or iDVD (Mac)
  6. Burn the slideshow video to DVD in Windows DVD Maker or iDVD

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