How to Make a Perfect Wedding Slideshow on iPhone

There is no doubt that wedding is one of the most important and memorable days in your life. So many people will take wedding photos to record this special days. So how to show these pictures in an interesting way on iPhone. Creating a wedding slideshow with wedding music, transitions, pan&zoom and other effects sounds a good idea.

In the following article, I will show you how to make a stunning wedding photo slideshow on iPhone with Photo Slideshow Director HD for watching them anywhere you go. If there are many people , you can connect your iPhone with HDTV for enjoying on large screen TV with friends. Also after finishing the slideshow, you can upload the slideshow to Facebook or YouTube from the app directly for sharing with the world.

To do this, all your need is an iPhone app—-Photo Slideshow Director for iPhone.

Download it from iTunes App store:

Here is a tutorial to show you how to create an unique slideshow of your wedding photos  on iPhone to memory those special events and perfect moment.

Import Photos and edit photos

Launch Photo Slideshow Director on iPhone then tap “new” button to create a new project.  Then tap the first “Photo” icon, you could import your wedding photos from iPhone Photo library. Also you could use photos in Web albums, including Picasa, Flickr and Facebook. If you like, you can take a photo with your iPhone camera and use it.

Tap any one of photos, you can arrange photos order, delete photos, customize pan&zoom effects, and edit photos. With its built-in photo editor, you can fix your photos before publishing them.

create wedding slideshow on iPhone

photo slideshow director on iphone

Customize Transition Effects

Once photos imported, random transitions will be applied between them. However you can change them by taping the dice between photos . The program also has a build-in photo editor, so you can fix your photos before publishing them.  Meanwhile you can tap  the “Setting” option on the right top of the interface to set the transition time for slideshow presentations.

customize transitions for wedding slideshow

choose transitions

Background Music &Theme

If you have  any  favorite songs for wedding now you can also add them into this slideshow as the background music. It’s very easy, save songs on iPhone then tap the “music” icon at the bottom of the interface to add music . Meanwhile please choose the background theme by tapping the “theme”  option then you can find some colorful and beautiful themes there.

Add music and choose theme

choose theme

View and save the wedding slideshow

After personalizing the slideshow, you can tap the “Export” icon to choose a way to save it. You can view it on iPad and big screen HDTV, or upload wedding slideshow to YouTube and Facebook, or wireless transfer slideshow video to your PC. Learn how to watch iPhone photo slideshow on HDTV>>

save wedding slideshow

Export finished slideshow

A Wedding slideshow made by Photo Slideshow Director:

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