How to manage photos and albums on iPad

iPad’s portability and high resolution make it convenient for viewing photos. Also its rear and front cameras enables iPad users to snap photographs whenever and wherever. However, sometimes, you may be confused at managing photos and albums on iPad, like edit, delete, move photos and albums on iPad.

How to create and edit a photo album on iPad

To create a photo album , first tap “Photo”  library icon which stores all your photos and albums, then tap “Album” to show all your existing albums. Tap “+” icon on the left top corner of the screen, enter a name for the new album in the pop-up window, press “Save” , then a new album is created. If you want to delete an album, tap the “Edit” icon (right top), then press “x” on the left top corner of the album.

create ipad album

How to view album photos in slideshow

1. Open an album, tap the “Slideshow” icon on the right top corner.

2. Choose a transition(iSO 6 provides 6 kinds of transitions),

3.Turn the Play Music “ON”,

4.Choose a piece of music from your iPad music library,

5.Tap “Start Slideshow”. The photos in this album will be played in a simple slideshow with music.

ipad photos slideshow

If you want to create a professional slideshow with photos in different albums, you need to download an iPad slideshow app  called Photo Slideshow Director HD from iTunes store. It can help you create a stunning photo slideshow with many effects within minutes.

create slideshow on ipad

photo slideshow director hd

How to move photos from one album to another

Import photos from other albums. Open the album , tap the “Edit” in the right top corner, tap “Add Photos”, then a window will display showing photos and albums. Open an album and tap photos to select them, then tap “Done” icon (right top) to move the photos. It is like that you copy photos from other albums to this album. So the photos are now in both albums.

move photos on ipad

Also you can export photos in one album to another. Tap “Edit” in one album, select photos that you want to export, then tap “Add to…” to choose an album where you want to export the photos to.

move photos from one album to another

How to delete photos from  iPad

Select an album. Tap one single photo to open it , then press Trash can in the right top corner to delete the photo. To delete multiple photos, open the album, tap “Edit”, select multiple photos and tap on remove.

delete ipad photos

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