How to Sort Slideshow Photos by Name or Date on iPad

“I have transfered pictures to my iPad and import them into slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD but they are not show in the order I have on my computer. How can I sort photos in slideshow by name or date on my iPad?”

Well, after we have added photos into slideshow. We can start to edit and organize photos including arranging photo order, deleting, rotating photos and adding text, subtitle, blank image etc. In this article I’d like to show you how to sort slideshow photos by name or date with Photo Slideshow Director HD.

Step 1.  Please tap one of the pictures from the photo list which is at the bottom of the main screen, you will see an edit icon like a pencil, touch it, then you will be noticed four edit options, photo arranging, deleting, Pan&Zoom setting and photo editor. Please chose the “Arrange photos” option.

Sort Slideshow Photos by Name or Date on iPad

Step 2. In the new screen of arranging photos there is a button name “Sort :name” at the left top of the view. Tap it and it will pop up a drop down list of sorting options. They are “File Name-ascending” “File Name- descending” “Date Created- ascending” and “Date Created-descending” Now you can sort photos depends on what you need so the photos will arrange as you expect.

Sort Slideshow Photos by Name or Date with Photo Slideshow Director HD

It’s very easy, right? Enjoy it!

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