How to stop Pan and Zoom effcts in a slideshow

Photo Slideshow Director HD enables you to apply Pan and Zoom effects to your slide show project. You can easily customize Ken Burns effects pan, pinch, rotation gestures for each slide. Or you can set Pan and Zoom effect for one slide, then apply the effect to all other slides. Sometimes, you may not want to use the panning and zooming effects. So please read this tutorial to stop the Pan/ Zoom effects for your slides.

Way1. Choose a theme without pan and zoom effect from the theme list, such as the Static Frame theme.

Way2. Set the start and end frame of the pan/ zoom effects the same one for all photos. Touch the Edit icon, you will see the Pan & Zoom and Apply to All Photos. Choose Pan & Zoom option, a pan & zoom setting window will show up on the photo. Touch the Set As Start, then Set As End. You have cancelled the panning and zooming effect for the current photo.

Then touch Apply to All Photos to stop the Ken Burns effects for all other photos. Touch the Play icon, you can see there are no pan and zoom effects now.

stop ken burns effects

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