How to transfer a slideshow from one iPad to another iPad/iPhone

After creating a touching slideshow on iPad using Photo Slideshow Director HD, you friend or family may love it and want a copy of the slideshow on his/her iPad/iPhone. This tutorial will help you learn how to copy a slideshow from one iPad to another iPad/iPhone.

First, you need to create a slideshow using the nice iPad slideshow app—Photo Slideshow Director HD. Import photos from iPad and web albums(such as Picasa, Facebook, Flickr,Dropbox), add background music and kinds of slideshow effects, then you can save the slideshow to your iPad photo library. If you like , you can upload the slideshow directly to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox or SkyDrive.

After saving a slideshow, you can transfer it to another iOS device in 2 different ways.

Way 1. Use Wireless Transfer App to transfer a slideshow from one iPad to another iPad/iPhone

copy slideshow video

Wireless Transfer App

This is the easiest way to copy a slideshow video between two iOS devices. With WiFi and Wireless Transfer App, you can easily move a slideshow or video from one iPad/ iPhone to another iPad/iPhone or PC.

To use Wireless Transfer App, you have to pay attention to the following issues:

1. Have the Wireless Transfer App installed on both iOS devices.

2. Two iOS devices are in the same WiFi.

3. Have Wireless Transfer App open on both iOS devices.

Then you can touch the Send or Receive tab to send slideshow even photos from one iPad/iPhone to another iPad/iPhone. You can choose to save the slideshow in one existing album or create a new album to save the slideshow.

Way 2. Upload the slideshow to computer, then sync with iTunes to another iPad/iPhone

To upload the slideshow from iPad to PC, you can use the WiFi transfer feature of Photo Slideshow Director HD. Then use iTunes to sync the slideshow to another iPad/iPhone.

Without any other apps, you can wirelessly transfer a finished slideshow to PC using Photo Slideshow Director HD. To use the WiFi Transfer feature, please make sure iPad and PC are in the same network.

1. Save the slideshow on iPad

2. Touch Export icon and choose Wifi Transfer

3. Enter a given URL into PC browser

4. Find the slideshow to download it to your computer

wireless transfer feature

WiFi transfer a slideshow to pc from ipad

Then use iTunes to download the slideshow from computer to another iPad/iPhone.

1. Connect iPad/iPhone to iTunes with USB cable or WiFi

2. Move the slideshow to iTunes Movies Library

3. Click iPad name under DEVICES, then click Summary and choose Manually manage music and videos

4. Drag the slideshow from iTunes Movie Library to iPad/iPhone Movies Library under the iPad/iPhone name

use itunes to move pc video to ipad

manually download slideshow video from pc to ipad

Now, you have copy the slideshow onto another iPad or iPhone. However, as you see, this needs much work. Comparing method way, method 2 is a complex method.




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