How to Transfer Photos from BlackBerry to iPad, iPhone Then Create a Slideshow

Most BlackBerry phone models come with a built-in camera interface to take photos with. There are many users utilising the camera on their handset to capture great digital snaps but  you may find your phone’s memory gets clogged up with lots of pictures. Some of them tried to transfer this pictures to their iPad, iPhone but failed.

Transfer photos from BlackBerry to iPad, iPhone

There are two main ways to help you successfully do that.

1. Connect BlackBerry to iPad over Bluetooth then transfer photos to iPad

Both the iPad and BlackBerry devices feature Bluetooth connectivity and it is possible to connect your BlackBerry device to your iPad using the Bluetooth feature.

2. Place the BlackBerry photos on a computer first then  use iTunes to sync the picture folders back to the iPad.

Today I want to show you the second way. It’s the easiest way.  I’d like to tell you how to transfer BlackBerry photos to iPad and create a fantastic slideshow.

First: Place photos from BlackBerry to your computer.

Step 1. Connect your BlackBerry to your PC using the USB cable that was bundled with it.

Step 2. BlackBerry Desktop Manager should launch automatically. If not, press Start and select the program from the list.  Once the software has launched, Select Media Manager from the list of options.

Step 3. You’ll be presented with a Windows explorer style window. From the My Devices section of the window, click the Picture folder and then select the images you want to transfer to your PC.

Step 4. Now, either select My Media or the tab with a folder icon on it (this allows you to select a specific folder from your hard drive) and then drag these images into the window opposite. They will now be transferred to your PC.

Second: Sync pictures folder back to iPad with iTunes

Sync iPad with iTunes

  • Plug the dock cable into your iPad and PC and then your iPad will show up in iTunes.
  • Go through the tabs and choose what information, media, and photos you want to sync.
  • Press sync

After you place photos on your iPad, you can create a fantastic slidesow on your iPad with Photo Slideshow Director HD. Here is a tutorial to tell you How to Create a Photo Slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD on iPad

Create a slideshow on iPad with Photo Slideshow Director HD



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