How to use iPad to present your photography portfolio as a slideshow

As a shutterbug, I almost record every special moment with photos. No matter it is a weekend in a park, birthday party, family reunion party, I will take photos to record it. Then I am pleased to share my photography portfolio with friends and family. Since I got a new iPad three month ago, I fell love it it. I can use it to watch movies, play games, especially taking pictures. As we all know, there are so many apps in iTunes App store for iPad, so it is so convenient to have an iPad.

As I said, I am always crazy at photography, taking photos with my camera, cellphone and iPad whenever I want. So I want to take full advantage of my iPad to showcase my photography portfolio to friends.

Actually there are many places I can share my photographs. I can upload photographs to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, even email photos to friends. But it is not enough to just share the snapshots to others. Everybody can do that. Just post hundreds of pictures to your Facebook.  Especially if you are a business man and want to show your portfolio presentation to clients, you should make your portfolio presentation attractive to clients and wow the clients. So how to wow people and attract people to view your pictures?

One of friends married last week and she asked me to create a wedding slideshow to present her wedding photos to guests on wedding ceremony. I used Photo Slideshow Director HD to create the wedding slideshow with several wedding songs, and played the slideshow on a large projector with 100 inches wide. After the ceremony, my friend called me and told me that the guests really like the slideshow. People clapped their hands for many times and were impressed by their happiness and love.

photography portfolio presentation software

In my opinion, a good iPad slideshow app should contain the following feature:

1. Easy to use. I do not want to spend much time to read the long tutorial. It should be user-friendly and have a clear guide.

2. Kinds of transition effects for choosing.

3. Allows me to zoom in and zoom out our pictures.

4. Enables to loop a slideshow. In some cases, you have to loop a slideshow all the time, such as a wedding slideshow, product promotion slideshow, and etc.

5. Supports background music and slideshow/music synchronization.

6. Airplay a slideshow to HDTV.

7. Upload a slideshow directly to Facebook and YouTube. So I can photo my photographs to friends easily.

8. Photo editor to edit and optimize photos.

Fortunately, Photo Slideshow Director HD has all the above feature. Besides, it can download photos from Facebook/Flickr/Picasa/Dropbox/SkyDrive/Instagram and save them on iPad , or turn these web album photos into a slideshow movie.

ipad photograph presentation software

Photo Slideshow Director HD is really an amazing slideshow software to showcase and share my photography portfolio.  Though iPhoto and iMovie can help much, this iPad slideshow app is more powerful.

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