How to View RAW images on your iPad?

As a digital camera fans or professional photographer, you may prefer the RAW image format .  The RAW format keeps all details, whereas compressed jpg photos decreases in quality.

For iTunes will be automatically converts all image formats to JPEG before syncing, so you can not get Raw photos to iPad. However you can use Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

raw photo on ipad

To view your RAW images on iPad, you need an Accessory called “Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit”, which is available on Apple online store  at here for $29.00

The advantages of iPad Camera Connection Kit:

1. You can import images from your camera SD card to iPad directly, without PC and iTunes.  This is a super easy way for moving lots of photos to iPad from digital camera

2. Downloading RAW photos in digital camera to iPad instead of  compressed JPEG.

Disadvantages : you need to prepare a huge space for RAW images.

 Recommended App: iPad Photo Viewer App

After importing Raw photos from your camera to iPad, you can view them on your iPad in an interesting way with best iPad Photo Viewer. The iPad photo viewer enables you to view photos with music , transitions, themes(like wedding, Christmas) and more effects. It supports Airplay, so you can even stream your photos to HDTV via Airplay with it.

ipad slideshow app

iPad RAW Photos Viewer

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