iPad mini Review: Advantages and Disadvantages of iPad mini

Since the launch of iPad mini in October 23, 2012, people have never stopped talking about it. People like comparing iPad mini with Google Nexus and Kindle Fire. So let’s talk about the sibling of 10-inch Apple iPad—iPad mini. What is the strength and weakness of iPad mini compared with competitor?

ipad mini

Strength of iPad mini

1. Small size. Comparing with previous 10-inch iPad, iPad mini has a smaller 7.9 inches screen. So you can hold it with only one hands. Most people only use iPad at home on the sofa, in the kitchen orwhile watching TV.

2. iOS6 operation system. For its Simplicity,Stability,Performance and Reliability, iOS is a great operating system. iOS appeals to more than 90% of all people, which is makes it the best selling OS ever.And that iOS 6 is the latest version of iOS.

3. Rear and Front cameras. iPad mini includes two cameras: 5mp/1080p iSight camera, 720p FaceTime HD camera, which allows video capture and conferencing to be a cut above the rest.

4. Surprising weight .  iPad mini is lighter than the Kindle Fire, 308g vs 395g (and 340g for the Nexus 7), it is thinner too. Every breakthrough in mobility(like iPod mini,MacBook Air ) shows that the lighter the better. You will win if you can do lighter and bigger. The success of Samsung Galaxy S3 is a good example: big screen, light phone.

5. With the same screen resolution as the original iPad and iPad 2, the iPad Mini will be perfectly compatible with almost every iPad app available in the App Store. There are around 275,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad — and that means designed for the iPad Mini.

Weakness of iPad mini

1. The perfect size of iPad mini comes with some sacrifice too. The Retina display is the single biggest omission from the iPad mini feature list.   iPad mini uses a 1024 x 768 resolution which matches the same resolution with the first and second generation iPad.  And the pixel density is 163ppi, a little higher than iPad 2 (32ppi), but lower than iPad 3 (264ppi).

2. High price.  The price for the 16GB  WiFi tablet is  $329 while the price for 16 GB Nexus is only $249 . Amazon is selling the 16GB Kindle Fire HD for $199, and the 32GB for $249. With regard to price of iPad mini, it seems disappointing.

3. Dual core A5 processor with 511MB RAM hat features in the iPad 2, iPhone 4S. So things load fine but they are not blazing fast. For reference, the iPad 3  uses an A5X processor and the iPad 4, an A6X processor.

iPad mini App recommendation

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