iPad photo editing feature of Photo Slideshow Director HD

If you are wondering how to edit your photos on iPad, this article can shed some light on it. Some photo editor only allows you to edit photos in  iPad Photo Library, however, the photo editing app referred in this article not only enables you to edit photos in iPad Photo Library, but edit photos in Facebook , Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox and Skydrive, then save fixed photos to iPad photo albums.

The app is Photo Slideshow Director HD. You may ask it sounds like an iPad slideshow app. Actually, it is both a slideshow and photo editor app for iPad. Besides creating a perfect slideshow on iPad, it can edit and fix photos. After editing photos is finished, you can save photos to iPad Photo Library, or publish photos to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive as a slideshow video for sharing.

Then let’s look at how this powerful photo editor and slideshow creator works.

Step 1. Import Photos From iPad Photo Albums or Web Albums

Launch the app on iPad. Tap the photo album icon(First icon) , you can see all ipad photo albums listed, touch one album, then tap photos to import them. Then choose another album to import photos.

Tap the Web Album icon(Forth icon),  you can see a list of web album icons, including  Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox,  SkyDrive and Instagram. That means you can import photos from these web albums. Tap the album icon, sigh in your account, then choose albums and photos to download.

You can see all the imported photos in thumbnail area at the bottom of the screen.

import ipad and web photos

Import photos

Step 2.  Edit Photos with the app’s photo editor

Tap the fifth editing icon(like a pencil writing on a paper) and choose option “Photo Editor”, then the Photo Editor window shows up. Then you can enhance photos effects, apply filter effects, add text, add stickers to photos, orientate photos, crop photos, eliminate red eyes, etc.

edit photos on ipad

Edit photos

Step 3. Save Photos to iPad Photo Library

After editing photos, tap the fifth editing icon again. Scroll down and tap “Save Current Slide”, the photo will be saved to iPad Photo Library. Or you can upload these photos as a slideshow video to YouTube, Facebook, SkyDrive, Dropbox. If you like , you can view them on iPad or HDTV with transitions, music , themes and other effects.

Edit photos and save it to iPad

Save and share photos

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