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Create a Birthday Photo Slideshow on iPad and Burn to DVD

You and your families’ birthday must be an unforgettable occasion which always filled with fragrant flowers, creamy cakes, precious presents as well as cheerful parties. It’s a smart way to collect the happy birthday photos then create a photo slideshow or burn to DVD.

On iPad, the users can start slideshow for all of the photos in photo library with music and simple transition. But if people took a lot of photos on birthday party and want to make a slideshow then upload to YouTube, Facebook  directly or burn a DVD or play them on HDTV when family get together.

This iPad slideshow tool is limitary. Even it can’t import photos from Facebook album, Flickr album and Picasa web album.

ipad photo, photo slideshow, slideshow, Facebook, YouTube, HDTV

iPad slideshow


If you want to create such a slideshow you should use Photo Slideshow Director HD.

To know how to create a photo slideshow on iPad please visit the tutorial of Photo Slideshow Director HD.

ipad slideshow, photo, slideshow,HDTV

Make Birthday Photo Slideshow on iPad

Simple steps to burn slideshow movie to DVD:

  1. Download the iPad app Photo Slideshow Director HD from iTunes app store
  2. Create photo slideshows using Photo Slideshow Director HD and save it to your iPad photo library as a video.
  3. Connect your iPad to a PC or Mac
  4. Copy the slideshow video from your iPad to PC or Mac
  5. Import the slideshow video into Windows DVD Maker (PC) or iDVD (Mac)
  6. Burn the slideshow video to DVD in Windows DVD Maker or iDVD

Popular birthday background music people love:

Happy Birthday to You – victor silvester

Birthday – The Beatles

When I Grow up to Be A Man—The Beach Boys

Wild One –Faith Hill

Happy Birthday—Chorus

Because you love me — Celine Dion

Happy Girl– Martina McBride

If  I Could — Celine Dion

You Are So Beautiful– Joe Cocker

Can You Feel the Love Tonight– Elton John

Keeper of the Start– Tracy Byrd

Happy ,Happy Birthday Baby — Ronnie Milsap

What a Beautiful Day — Chris Cagle

Forever Young– Rod Stewart

I Hope You Dance– Lee Ann Womack

My Guy — Mary Wells

Young– Kenny Chesney

Thank You—Dido

Time in a Bottle — Jim Croce

Let  Them Be Little—Billy Dean

Baby of Mine—Tanya Goodman Sykes

My Wish—Rascal  Flatts

Find  Your Wings– Mark Harris

Butterfly Kisses — Bob Carlisle

Come to Me — Celine Dion

It Was A Very Good Year — Frank Sinatra

Unchained Melody– Righteous Brothers

Good Vibrations- Beach Boys

Wouldn’t It Be Nice- Beach Boys

Higher and Higher– Jackie Wilson

A Day In The Life– Beatles


A Special Pan&Zoom Tool of Photo Slideshow Director HD

A Special Pan&Zoom Tool of Photo Slideshow Director HD

Adding Pan&Zoom effect into photos always makes slideshow more attractive. One of the greatest features of Photo Slideshow Director HD is its flexible ability to set special Pan&Zoom effect into Photos.

Here is a video slideshow with Pan&Zoom effect made by Photo Slideshow Director HD.

Now let’s suppose a slideshow without Pan&Zoom effect. We add funny photos, favorite music, set a dramatic transition effect and choose a sweet slideshow theme, the slideshow play well and it gives people multilayer vision enjoyment. But we still feel that it loses something. The slideshow just play from near to the distant or left to right. Thinking that if these photos can be played from side to side or rotated freely in the current screen while moving, it’s really a feast for eyes. Photo Slideshow Director HD has such a special feature for setting Pan&Zoom effect so you can achieve the visual delight.

How to set Pan&Zoom effect?

After adding photos, please tap one of photos from the photo list which is at the bottom of the main view. A Pencil tab on the left top of the small photo will appear. Tap it and you will be noticed some Edit options including arranging photos order, deleting photos, adding Pan & Zoom effect … Please tap the third options about Pan&Zoom, then you will have a view similar to the one below.

Adding Pan&Zoom Effect to Make Slideshow More Fantastic

Adding Pan&Zoom Effect to Make Slideshow More Fantastic

Step 1. Reduce or Enlarge

Simple use your gestures to reduce or enlarge the current image.

Create a photo slideshow with photos and music into fantastic slideshow in minutes on iPad.

Reduce Image to Set Pan&Zoom Effect for Photos

Step 2. Rotate

Use the gestures to make counter clockwise rotation or clockwise rotation until the image turns the figure or size you want to start to play.

Create a photo slideshow with photos and music into fantastic slideshow in minutes on iPad.

Rotate Image to Set Pan&Zoom effect for Photos

Step 3. Move, “Set as Start” and “Set as End”

Touch the rotation image, move it to one of sides you want to start to play. For example, you can move it to the Upper Left Corner then tap the “Set as Start” button. Move the image again to the Lower Right Corner, you can reduce, enlarge or rotate it then tap the “Set As End” button.  So the image will play as the route as you set.

photo album, photo slideshow, music,  HD videos, YouTube, Facebook.

Move Image to Set Pan&Zoom Effect for Photos

HDTV, photo slideshow, photo album, iPad album, YouTube, Facebook

Set Pan&Zoom Effect to Make Slideshow More Fantastic

Enjoy it!

Create a slideshow video viewable on iPad using Photo DVD Burner

It is very easy to make slideshows of photos in your iPad camera roll, Facebook album, Flick album or Picasa album using the iPad slideshow app Photo Slideshow Director HD. Here is the link to the step-by-step guide about how to create photo slideshow on iPad.

However, if you have taken numerous photos with your camera and want to share with your family and friends on your iPad in a slideshow way, will you still transfer all the photos to your iPad and start building a slideshow project with the iPad app? I won’t do that. First, it would take a fairly long time to import all the photos into your iPad. Actually, you first need to export the photos from your camera to PC and then transfer them from your PC to your iPad. Second, even if you have all the photos loaded into your iPad, it is no easy task to deal with them in the iPad app, especially when you want to make the slideshow look more professional, like adding text, editing photo, applying transitions, etc.

The perfect alternative way is to create a slideshow video suitable for viewing on iPad using the Windows program called Photo DVD Burner. This photo slideshow program lets you easily make a slideshow video out of photos stored in your PC. There is the optimized output profile for Apple iPad. Choose this preset, and you will get the output slideshow video ready for playback on your iPad.

Photo DVD Burner

When the iPad friendly slideshow video is generated with Photo DVD Burner, you will then be able to add it to your iTunes library and sync it to your iPad.

How to create a slideshow on the Apple iPad

Thanks to a big display with 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (the new iPad), the Apple iPad is perfect for playing slideshows of your favorite photos.

You can directly create a slideshow on your iPad. To find out how to create a new slideshow, just follow our simple instructions:

  • Tap the Photos icon in the dock on the iPad home screen
  • Open an album or stack
  • Select Slideshow from the action button dropdown in the top right hand corner of the screen
  • You can opt to have music on or off and choose a song from your iTunes library
  • Next, choose a transition effect for transitions between photos
  • Tap Start Slidehsow and the slideshow will begin

To use the iPad as a digital photo frame that will automatically cycle through all of your photos, simply tap the slideshow icon in the bottom right corner of the iPad lock screen (to the right of “slide to unlock”).

However, if you want to show your photos in a cooler way, it is recommended downloading the popular iPad slideshow app named Photo Slideshow Director HD from the iTunes app store to create a photo slideshow with music, transitions, theme, etc.

Here is the iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-slideshow-director-hd/id457847244?mt=8

create slideshow on iPad with Photo Slideshow Director HD

Here are some features of Photo Slideshow Director HD that I’d like to highlight:

  • Apart from photos from your iPad Photo Library, this app lets you import photos from Facebook photo albums, Picasa photo albums and Flickr photo sets as well.
  • You can add more than one song as the background music.
  • There are dozens of transitions available for your choice.
  • You can export the slideshow as an HD video, which can be easily transferred to your PC or Mac.
  • You can directly upload the encoded slideshow video to YouTube and Facebook.
  • The cool photo editor feature allows you to beautify each photo.
  • Directly stream the slideshow to HDTV for showing on its big screen
choose a theme for slideshow

How to Create a Photo Slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD on iPad

Have many photos on your Computer, iPad and web albums and wonder how to turn these photos into a stunning photo slideshow with many effects? Are you planing to create a music video for YouTube and Facebook on iPad? The following article will show you how to create a wonderful photo slideshow video with music, transitions, pan&zoom, theme, subtitle etc using iPad photo slideshow app—Photo Slideshow Director HD for iPad.

Download slideshow software for iPad in Apple App Store

To create photo slideshow on iPad, you need to install Photo Slideshow Director HD from Apple App Store.


Launch Photo Slideshow App and Import Photos from iPad Photo Library

Tap the app icon to launch it on iPad and create a slideshow project.

Then tap “Photo” icon to import photos from iPad Photo Library. Once you tap the “Photo” icon, all your photo albums in photo library will show in a list. Touch photo album and tap photos to add them into the app for creating a slideshow.

Add photos from ipad

Import iPad photo library photos

Import Photos From Web Albums

Besides using original photos in your iPad, you can download photos from your web albums for using in a slideshow. The app supports importing photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive and Instagram. To add web album photos, you just need to tap the web album icon from the list and sign in your account, then choose and tap photos to download to the app.

Even you can snap photos using iPad’s camera and use them anytime you are making the slideshow.

download photos from picasa,flickr

Add web album photos

Arrange photos order and delete photos

To arrange photos order and delete photos from the slideshow, please tap one of photos from the photo list at the bottom of the screen. A “Pencil” icon on the left top of photo thumbnail will appear. Touch it and you will see a small banner showing four option icons, which means arranging photo order, moving to trash, setting pan&zoom and photo editor respectively from left to right.

Tap the first option “Arrange”, there you can drag any photos to anywhere to arrange order of these photos. Also you can drag the photo thumbnails to the places where you want to put the photos. You can delete photos by tapping the second options “Delete”. If you touch the third option, please use pan, pinch, rotation, gestures to set start or end frame to add Pan & Zoom effect into the slideshow.

arrange photo order and delete photos

Photo order arrangement


Edit photos with the app’s photo editor feature

One of the most popular feature of Photo Slideshow Director HD is its photo editing function. Though it is not a professional photo editor, it can meet basic photo editing needs, like cropping photos, photo sharpness, eliminating red eyes, applying filters etc. Among all these photo editing options, I like filter effects most. And the “Sticker” option offers kinds of small art clips for decorating photos.

photo filter effects

Photo filter effcts

photo editor for ipad

editing feature

Adding Background Music for Slideshow

Tap “Music” icon to import slideshow background music from iPad music library. You can choose music by Songs, Artists, Albums, etc. Tap the music name to import it. After adding music,  a list will show the music you are using in the slideshow. Touch music list, you can arrange songs order or delete songs. The icon(Like a Clock) enables you to sync slideshow duration to music duration.

create music slideshowChoose a Theme and Customize the theme

Now, tap “Theme” option next to “Music” icon. There are many beautiful stylistic themes. Choose the one you like and tough “Customize” to make your theme perfect. A good theme can a color to your slideshow and make the slideshow more fascinating.

choose a theme for slideshow

slideshow theme

Change slideshow transitions

Once photos are imported, the app will apply random transitions between photos. This will be helpful if you are using many photos. If you like, you can change the transitions. Tap the icon between two photos, and tap the transitions you like to apply them.

change slideshow transitions

Slideshow transitions

Now please tap “Setting” option on the right top of the main screen. There you can set slideshow time and transition time from the drop down option. If you want to play the slideshow repeatedly, please touch and move the switch towards right until it becomes On.

set slideshow duration

Tap setting option

Preview Slideshow and Save Slideshow

After customizing the slideshow, you can preview the slideshow in the app by tapping “Play” icon. If you are satisfied with it, touch “Export” icon to save the slideshow. You can save and share the slideshow in different ways.

  • Save it to iPad Camera Roll as a video
  • Wireless Transfer the finished slideshow to computer
  • Upload the slideshow to Facebook, YouTube for sharing
  • Upload the slideshow video to Dropbox and Skydrive for storing and sharing

Also, you can play the slideshow video on TV via iPad’s Airplay feature. If you have Apple Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable, you can connect iPad to HDTV, then play the slideshow on TV.


save slideshow

Export and publish slideshow

It is so easy to make a perfect photo slideshow with music and other effects on iPad.