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How to Save Photos from the Web to iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

You may wonder how to save the intersting photos or images to your device when you brows the web with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. There are many reasons you may desire to do so — perhaps the photo will make a great backdrop, is a photo of you or a friend, or just something you find interesting enough to keep and share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Save pictures from web to iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

Saving an image from Safari into your camera roll is a simple task. This guide helps you find out how to save these photos.

  1. Find the photo you wish to save
  2. Press your finger against the image.
  3. Tap and hold down on the photo
  4. A menu will slide up – tap “Save Image”
  5. The photo will be saved to your Camera Roll
  • Saved images end up in your Photos library (Saved Images on an iPad; Camera Roll on an iPad 2 or third-generation iPad), from which they can be synced back to a computer.
  • If you tap Copy instead, you can paste the image into an e-mail or as a link in a program, such as Notes.

Bonus Tip: If the above method doesn’t work (some websites don’t allow images to be saved), then pinch to zoom into the image at the desired crop and take a screenshot.

Hot Photography Editor App for London 2012 Olympic Games

What’s the most anticipated event across the globe in 2012?  Of course that’s the London 2012 Olympic Games. Sports enthusiasts, media, and players who will participate in the competition can feel the excitement. It’s going to be an exceptional experience indeed!

At that time tourists will converge in London from all over the world. Most of people may take along their camera, iPhone and iPad. These high-tech tools help them shoot every moving moment and upload the best photos and news to the network.

Hot Photography Editor App for London 2012 Olympic Games

However, it’s inconvenience for tourists to find a computer and upload photos or videos to YouTube or Facebook when you are in travel. So you can’t share your happiness online at the first time. But if you install a professional photo slideshow app on iPad or iPhone and this app helps you upload your  slideshow to YouTube or Facebook directly when you come back hotel. That’s perfect for your London travelling.

Photo Slideshow Director HD is such a photo slideshow app.  This app lets you use your iPad/iPhone to organize your digital photos from camera roll, picasa web albums,Facebook photo albums, Flickr photo sets and create eye-catching slideshow in minutes. It’s an idea tool for you to share your great shots with family and friends on big screen HDTV with iPad, it is also a great software for you to present your business photos quickly and easily.

Photo Slideshow Director for iPhone Version and iPad Version

What can Photo Slideshow Director HD help you during London Olympic Games?

1. Pick out, classify photos and organize photos

2. It helps you use simple gestures to set Pan&Zoom effect for photos. Users can rote or resize pictures, too.

3. It’s very easy to add text, subtitle, blank background image to every photo. You can write a sentence to tell your friends where or when this picture was taken.

4.  It allows you import Facebook, Flickr, Picasa
web album into iPad,iPhone slideshow, Don’t need to transfer photos with a USB cable.

5. It makes photo slideshow video on iPhone easily, create slideshow with music, slideshow themes, transition effect. You can set slideshow circle play or sync music and slideshow time.

6. Support RAW image format and big size images imported with Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

7. Mirror slideshow to HDTV directly via AppleTV AirPlay (with iOS 5.0 and iPad2)

8. It helps you play slideshow movie on HDTV.

9. Save slideshow movie on iPad, iPhone

10. It also helps you upload slideshow to YouTube, Facebook directly

11. Transfer slideshow movie to desktop PC with WiFi wireless

12. For iMovie App fans, Photo Slideshow Director HD is a powerful add-on to create fantanstic photo slideshow clips for iMovie.

Photo Slideshow Director is really a good photo organization app on iPad or iPhone for your summer traveling especially London Olympic Games.


How to Sort Slideshow Photos by Name or Date on iPad

“I have transfered pictures to my iPad and import them into slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD but they are not show in the order I have on my computer. How can I sort photos in slideshow by name or date on my iPad?”

Well, after we have added photos into slideshow. We can start to edit and organize photos including arranging photo order, deleting, rotating photos and adding text, subtitle, blank image etc. In this article I’d like to show you how to sort slideshow photos by name or date with Photo Slideshow Director HD.

Step 1.  Please tap one of the pictures from the photo list which is at the bottom of the main screen, you will see an edit icon like a pencil, touch it, then you will be noticed four edit options, photo arranging, deleting, Pan&Zoom setting and photo editor. Please chose the “Arrange photos” option.

Sort Slideshow Photos by Name or Date on iPad

Step 2. In the new screen of arranging photos there is a button name “Sort :name” at the left top of the view. Tap it and it will pop up a drop down list of sorting options. They are “File Name-ascending” “File Name- descending” “Date Created- ascending” and “Date Created-descending” Now you can sort photos depends on what you need so the photos will arrange as you expect.

Sort Slideshow Photos by Name or Date with Photo Slideshow Director HD

It’s very easy, right? Enjoy it!

How to Transfer Slideshow Video Files Via Wifi from iPad to Desktop PC

Since Photo Slideshow Director HD version 4.0 released and the developer added a new function Wifi Transfer into the program, saving slideshow video on computer becomes more convenient. Users don’t need to transfer video through iTunes. It’s very easy to finish the transfer,too.

This guide will show you how to easily transfer files between iPad app Photo Slideshow Director HD and your computer via Wifi without the hassle of having to look for a USB cable.

Step 1. Make sure you have your own local Wifi network ready.

Before transfer the file to desktop pc, please make sure your iPad and your desktop pc or other devices are in the same wireless network.

Step 2.  Export your slideshow to a movie file. Please tap the “Export” icon on the main screen toolbar and select export to “Wifi Transfer”.

Transfer Slideshow Video to Desktop PC

Step 3. After tapping the “Wifi transfer” icon, a dialog will be shown, it will tell you enter the following URL address on your desktop PC or other device’s web browsers, please do it as the guide.

Transfer Video File from iPad to Computer

Step 4. Enter the URL address on IE or Firefox or other web browsers, it will bring you to a new Photo Slideshow Director HD Wireless Transfer screen. Here you can see some slideshow video projects, find your own one then right click it and choose a saving local file so this video will be saved on your PC.

Save Slideshow Video on PC Via Wifi

Enjoy it!



A Special Pan&Zoom Tool of Photo Slideshow Director HD

A Special Pan&Zoom Tool of Photo Slideshow Director HD

Adding Pan&Zoom effect into photos always makes slideshow more attractive. One of the greatest features of Photo Slideshow Director HD is its flexible ability to set special Pan&Zoom effect into Photos.

Here is a video slideshow with Pan&Zoom effect made by Photo Slideshow Director HD.

Now let’s suppose a slideshow without Pan&Zoom effect. We add funny photos, favorite music, set a dramatic transition effect and choose a sweet slideshow theme, the slideshow play well and it gives people multilayer vision enjoyment. But we still feel that it loses something. The slideshow just play from near to the distant or left to right. Thinking that if these photos can be played from side to side or rotated freely in the current screen while moving, it’s really a feast for eyes. Photo Slideshow Director HD has such a special feature for setting Pan&Zoom effect so you can achieve the visual delight.

How to set Pan&Zoom effect?

After adding photos, please tap one of photos from the photo list which is at the bottom of the main view. A Pencil tab on the left top of the small photo will appear. Tap it and you will be noticed some Edit options including arranging photos order, deleting photos, adding Pan & Zoom effect … Please tap the third options about Pan&Zoom, then you will have a view similar to the one below.

Adding Pan&Zoom Effect to Make Slideshow More Fantastic

Adding Pan&Zoom Effect to Make Slideshow More Fantastic

Step 1. Reduce or Enlarge

Simple use your gestures to reduce or enlarge the current image.

Create a photo slideshow with photos and music into fantastic slideshow in minutes on iPad.

Reduce Image to Set Pan&Zoom Effect for Photos

Step 2. Rotate

Use the gestures to make counter clockwise rotation or clockwise rotation until the image turns the figure or size you want to start to play.

Create a photo slideshow with photos and music into fantastic slideshow in minutes on iPad.

Rotate Image to Set Pan&Zoom effect for Photos

Step 3. Move, “Set as Start” and “Set as End”

Touch the rotation image, move it to one of sides you want to start to play. For example, you can move it to the Upper Left Corner then tap the “Set as Start” button. Move the image again to the Lower Right Corner, you can reduce, enlarge or rotate it then tap the “Set As End” button.  So the image will play as the route as you set.

photo album, photo slideshow, music,  HD videos, YouTube, Facebook.

Move Image to Set Pan&Zoom Effect for Photos

HDTV, photo slideshow, photo album, iPad album, YouTube, Facebook

Set Pan&Zoom Effect to Make Slideshow More Fantastic

Enjoy it!