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How to Transfer iPhone,iPod Slideshow Video to PC Via WiFi

The iPhone and iPod can play music, video and photo slidesow. You can transfer your iPhone slideshow video to computer with the USB cable. But if you don’t want, there is also a way for you to save it on PC. Use the “WiFi Transfer” function of Photo Slideshow Director. Just transfer video to PC directly if your iPhone has WiFi wireless.

Since Photo Slideshow Director version 4.0 has been released and the developer added a new function Wifi Transfer into the program, saving slideshow video on computer becomes more and more convenient. Users don’t need to transfer video through iTunes or USB cables. It’s very easy to finish the transfer,too.

This guide will show you how to easily transfer files between iPhone app Photo Slideshow Director HD and your computer via Wifi without the hassle of having to look for a USB cable.

Step 1. Make sure you have your own local Wifi network ready.

Before transfer the file to desktop PC, please make sure your iPhone desktop PC or other devices are in the same wireless network.

Step 2.  Export your slideshow to a movie file. Please tap the “Export” icon on the main screen toolbar and select export to “Wifi Transfer”.

Transfer iPhone, iPod slideshow vido to computer via WiFi

Step 3. After tapping the “Wifi transfer” icon, a dialog will be shown, it will tell you enter the following URL address on your desktop PC or other device’s web browsers, please do it as the guide.

Transfer iPhone, iPod slideshow vieo to computer via WiFi

Step 4. Enter the URL address on IE or Firefox or other web browsers, it will bring you to a new Photo Slideshow Director Wireless Transfer screen. Here you can see some slideshow video projects, find your own one then right click it and choose a saving local file so this video will be saved on your PC.

Enjoy it!