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Make MP4 slideshow using images and music

We all like to take photos to keep memory of our happy times or growth experiences. We also like to share it with friends or family, so they can know our daily life even though we are far away from each other.

A slideshow made by still photos and music is good for viewers, and you can also have fun by making it. Pick pictures out, select music which you think is fit for your slideshow. Change the order of pictures, and make some notes into some of the picture. It can help you turn your photos into a film which can transfer your thoughts to others.

And you even don’t have to learn any background knowledge. Use Slideshow DVD Creator, you can make a professional slideshow within minutes.

Here I will show you how to make a slideshow using photos and music, and export the slideshow as MP4 video format. So you can then upload the slideshow video to Youtube/ Facebook for sharing, or email it to family or transfer it to your mobile photos so you can enjoy it anywhere.

It’s very simple:

First, download Slideshow DVD Creator to your computer for free.

Second, after you launch the software, you can see five icon in the left panel, you can click the “Images” and “Music” icon to select folder which contains photos and music you want to use. Then drag & drop them to add them into the software.

add images
Then you can drag them directly to change orders. About order of the music, click on the name of music, then you can make change in the poping up dialogue.

Third, add transition effects and set time.

There are button between photos in the bottom panel, you can click them to select transition effect for you photos. It determines how your photos display. Of course, you can make different effect for each photo, or set one for all photos.

There are default display time for photos and transition effects, and you can set them by yourself. To make slideshow and music time the same, see screenshot as below:

sync slideshow and music
You can do it in two ways.

Forth, add blank image as cover and add text.

You can add text onto your photos to make it interesting.Click “Slideshow” from the menu bar, then click “Insert Blank Image” to add image to slideshow, or click “Add Text” to add text. You can set font, color or size for your text.

add text on slideshow
Click “Play” button to preview your slideshow. If satisfied, click “Slideshow DVD Creator” in left top corner of your Mac screen to set output video format (MOV or MP4).

video setting

Finally, Click “Share -> Encode to Movie” from top menu bar, in “Share Video” window, enter title and description, select Video size(such as 1080p). Finally click “OK” , the program will begin to encode the slideshow to MP4.

Then you can enjoy your slideshow and share them with others.


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