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How to make images and songs into mov video

We like taking photos as well as showing them to others. We take photos to help us remember the good times, and we show them with others to share the happiness. I think that it is a good option to make the photos into video, then you can enjoy it in big screen with your family at home, or upload it to Internet to share with people all over the world.

And you can also insert some songs you loved into the video as background music. For me, “Once” is good for photos taken between lovers, “My little baby” is good for photos for babies. Also there are many good songs you can choose from.

Besides, you can at the same time use some transition effect and so on to make your video look professional, and eye-catching. Do not forget to put some short text into the photos to show people your thought.

So, here I recommend you to use Slideshow DVD Creator to create such a video. Below I will show you how to do all the things mentioned above.

First, please download the software and install it to your Mac computer. The software is free for download, so feel free to have a try.

Second, click “Images” from the left panel, then open the folder which contains the photos you want to use, then drag & drop them into the below panel of the soft.

add images
Tips: Of course, the order of the photos can be changed. Click icon which appears in the last of the right below panel, which looks like this , then you can manage the photos.

Third, now it is time to add your songs. Click “Music” icon, then you can add songs just like the way you added the photos.

add song to slideshow
 Tips: 1. you can add more than one song into the slideshow; 2.double click the song name as above, the manage panel will appear. There you can change order or play the songs as you like.

Fourth, then you can add text into the photos as mentioned. Click “Slideshow – Add Text” as shown below, then you can add texts. Here you can also change the color, size and so on of the text.

add text on slideshow
To here, the slideshow is almost done. Of course, the software also have transition effect, theme, sync the music and images function for you. You can simply do all these just by clicking the icons in the software panel.

Now, it is time to export it to .mov video. Click “Slideshow DVD Creator” in left top corner of your Mac screen. You can set output folder for your video. Select the mov. Click “Share – Encode to Movie”, then a dialogue will appear as below. Here you can set title, description, and video size.

create video slideshow

Now, you have the .mov slideshow video. Because the iPad, iPhone, iPod all supports this video format. You can also sync it to your device and enjoy.

Photo Slideshow Director HD for iPad Version 4.0 Released

May, 2012 – Shenzhen, China – Socusoft Co. Ltd. has upgraded its iPad app Photo Slideshow Director HD to version 4.0. The newest version supports iPad3 and it brings people more visual enjoyment. With the new version, slideshow can be exported to 1080p video on its new device. On the other hand, the photos arranging function has been improved. Users can sort photos by file name, date or change photos’ orders randomly. This app developer also optimized the code to make operation became more stable, especially on iPad1 when dragged photos to arrange orders.

The most radiant part of the new version is that developer adds a wireless transfer function into slideshow exportation. Use it you can easily access the slideshow movie via Wifi connection, when you open the wireless transfer dialog, you can save the movie file on desktop PC or play the video on other iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

New Wireless Transfer Function of Photo Slideshow Director HD

Photo Slideshow Director is a HD photo slideshow app that helps you turn your photos and music into fantastic slideshows, exports them to HD movies so that you can show your photo slide shows on HDTV, share HD movies by uploading to YouTube, Facebook directly or save video file easily within Wifi connection then transfer the movie file to desk PC by entering the following URL address on your PC.

Key Features of Photo Slideshow Director HD:

1. Make Photo Slideshow on iPad easily.

2. Save the movie file on desktop PC easily with Wireless Transfer.

3. Support Picasa, Facebook and Flickr Web Album.

4. Export Slideshow to HD Movie.

5. Make Music Video for Your Favorite Songs easily.

6. Upload Slideshow to YouTube and Facebook Directly.

7. Export Slideshow to HD Video with High Speed and High Quality.

What’s new on Photo Slideshow Director HD version 4.0

1. Support iPad3.

2. Improve the photo arranging function, add sorting function by date, file name or changing photos orders randomly.

3. Optimize the code to make operation becomes more stable, especially on iPad1.

4. Add a wireless transfer function, save the movie file on desktop PC easier.

5. Enhance resolution so slideshow can be exported to 1080p video.

New Function about Shorting Photos by File Name, Date


Transfer Movie File into Desktop PC within WiFi Connection

Availability and Pricing

The iPad app Photo Slideshow Director HD Version 4.0 is available on the iTunes app store at the Photo & Video category. It costs $1.99 to download.