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How to Make Summer Holiday Travel Photos Gallery into Slideshow Movie

The exciting summer holiday is coming. Have you started to travel or have a summer camp? I’m very sure this summer will leave you many happy memories with families, friends or classmates. Everybody likes to take photos during the travelling and turns these photos into a holiday photo gallery then share it on Facebook or YouTube. Me too!

Make Summer Holiday Travel Photos Gallery into Slideshow Movie

Most people like to take along their iPad or iPhone when they travel since iPad and iPhone are light and small to carry. They like to upload the news, photos, feeling, and all of the good things they saw to the network at any time.

Today I’d like to show you how to turn these travelling photos gallery that filled with summer fun and happiness into a wonderful slideshow movie then upload to YouTube and Facebook on iPad or iPhone.

What you’ll need:
1. Summer holiday pictures and background music
2. If you have an iPad, you need Photo Slideshow Director HD

3. If you have an iPhone, you need Photo Slideshow Director

Step 1: Download & install the apple app

We’ll be using a very nice and professional photo slideshow app to make a stunning summer holiday slideshow movie. Please download Photo Slideshow Director HD for iPad or Photo Slideshow Director for iPhone on iTubes app store.

Photo Slideshow Director HD

Step 2. Transfer the travelling photos from camera to iPad or iPhone

You can use the USB cable to transfer your camera photos to iPad or iPhone.

Step 3. Import summer holiday photos into slideshow and edit photos

Tap the “Photo” button on the left side of the view. It will pop photos album options up to allow you select photos from iPad by touching every photo you like with finger. It’s quick and easy.

Import summer holiday photos into iPad and create slideshow movie

Now you can start to edit these photos. The greatest feature of Photo Slideshow Director HD is that it has many good functions about editing photos. You can customize photos in different way.

Please tap one of photos from the photo list which is at the bottom of the screen. A Pencil tab on the left top of the small photo will appear. Tap it and you will be noticed some options including arranging photos order, deleting photos, adding Pan & Zoom effect and photo editor.

Great Photo Editor Functins of Photo Slideshow Director HD

Tap the first option “Arrange”, there you can drag any photos to anywhere to arrange order of these photos or sort photos by name or date, too. You can delete photos by tapping the second options “Delete”. If you touch the third option, please use pan, pinch, rotation, gestures to set start or end frame to add Pan & Zoom effect into the slideshow. The last option is about photo editor, tap it or touch the current display photos on the main screen then you will see a series of setting functions including photo text, effect, orientation, brightness… you can crop, rotate and flip the photo in slideshow, adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast, apply beautiful stylistic effects to photos , remove red eyes, add text or drawing on photos.

Great Photo Editor Functions of Photo Slideshow Director HD

There is also an easy and direct way to edit photos. Touch your finger on one of photos in photo list for one second. Then drag it above and this photo will be removed. Drag toward left or right you can also arrange photos order.

Tap the “Photo editor” option which on the list of adding Photos, Music, Web Album options, you can add subtitle, text, description to photos in the text screen, too.

Step 4. Select the songs that you have prepared to be the slideshow background music

No slideshow can go without music. Photo Slideshow Director HD is also no exception. You can choose background music from your iTunes library. After the music is added, there will be a stream line under the photos. And you can listen to them, displace them, or remove them from the slideshow.


Add Background Music to Summer Holiday Slideshow Movie

Step 5. Add slideshow themes and transition effect

There are more than 50 transition effects and more than 10 themes for you to choose. These features will make the whole slideshow more interesting and more attractive.

Tap the “Theme” icon”, there are many beautiful stylistic themes. Select one theme you’d like and it will make your slideshow amazing. On the other hand please tap the “Transition” option which is between two photos then you can add an animated transition effects to the slideshow.

Make Summer Holiday Photo Slideshow Movie with iPad


Step 6. Set slideshow & transition time and set music and slideshow synchronization

Now please tap the “Setting” icon on the right top of the main screen. There you can set slideshow time and transition time from the drop down option. If you’d like slideshow cycle play, please touch and move the switch towards right until it becomes On.

Tapping the “Time” icon can make music and slideshow synchronization, too. Touch and move the switch On, if the slideshow photos duration is shorter than music, the system will suggest you adding more photos or change photo duration.


Summer Holiday Photos Gallery with iPad

Step 7. Upload slideshow movie to Facebook, YouTube directly.

Tap the “Export” icon. There you will see five options about saving the slideshow movie. Play slideshow on HDTV, save on iPad, upload to YouTube, Facebook or transfer slideshow movie to desktop PC. Since you are traveling  so it’s inconvenience for you to play the slideshow HDTV, you can upload it to YouTube , Facebook after you came back the hotel.


Save Travelling Photo Slideshow Movie on iPad

Choose the “YouTube” or “Facebook” option then it will pop up a new window to allow in enter your ID and password. Follow the induction then tap the “Publish Now” button on the bottom of the new screen so the movie will be uploaded to YouTube.

Upload Summer Holiday Photo Slideshow Movie to YouTube

Is it a great idea and very easy to make such a funny slideshow movie with your summer holiday photos on iPad during the travelling? You can do it, too.



The Best Photograph Organization App for iPhone

With the good quality of iPhone cameras you can take some amazing photographs on it. From shooting snaps of the best moment happy, excited, crazy to creating works of art to post online or even hang in a gallery.

However the functions of photos organization on iPhone are limited. It’s weak to enhance, crop, brightness, set effect for iPhone photograph. Sometimes we need to make slideshow on iPhone and be proud to share this slideshow movie on YouTube, HDTV or bigger screen. We need an photo app to help us finish the steps.  If you treat iPhone as the camera that’s always with you, please make sure whether you have found the right photograph organization app for your iPhone or iPod.

Today I’d like to show you the best one which is popular on iTunes app store. That’s Photo Slideshow Director.

Photo Slideshow Director HD  is a photo slideshow app that lets you use iPhone to organize photos, Picasa albums, Facebook photos, Flickr photo sets,music and create eye-catching slideshow. It features lots of dynamic transition effects, exporting to HD slideshow video and can play on HDTV with Apple Digital AV adaptor and HDMI cable or Apple VGA Adapter at hi-resolution of 1280×720. It’s an idea tool for you to share your photo masterpiece with family and friends on bigger HDTV screen with iPhone.

What can this iPhone app do for photograph?

1. Pick out, classify photos and organize photos

Do you like taking photos on some special parties or during travel, vacation? Sometimes you may want to pick out some pictures to put into a category and make a fantastic slideshow then share with others. This app helps you add every picture you like.

Once you’ve chosen your photos, you can edit these photos, too. The Pan & Zoom effect is funny and easy to use. Just use some simple gestures then you can rotate, reduce, enlarge, move photos within seconds then the photos will play as the route as you set.

One of the greatest features of Photo Slideshow Director is that it has a powerful photo editor to make photos perfect. Use it you can add a blank image to be the background picture for photograph, add text, subtitle, orientation, brightness, Pan&Zoom effect into pictures so the slideshow will looks more attractive.

The Best Photograph Organization App for iPhone

If you have so many photos, it’s hard to find the one you really want in seconds. But this app can also helps you arrange the photos order, sort photograph by name or date or change them randomly.

Powerful Photo Editor of Photo Slideshow Director


2. It allows you import Facebook, Flickr, Picasa web album into iPhone

Most people have a headache at the thought of transfer Facebook, Flickr , Picasa photos into iPhone. Yes, we don’t like to sync photos with iTunes every time so we should find an easy and direct way to import these web albums. That is Photo Slideshow Director. With it we don’t need USB cable but can finish the photo transfer. Just sign in Facebook, Flickr, Picasa account and password on iPhone then tap the favorite pictures on web album into this app.


Import Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Album to iPhone

3. It makes photo slideshow video on iPhone easily

With taps and drags on iPhone, you can turn your photo collections and music into live and dynamic slideshow with ease. With slideshow themes, you just need to add photos and music then your slideshow is ready for showing. You can also add text narration, insert blank images, adjust transition effects to customize slideshow.

Make Photo Slideshow Video on iPhone Easily


4. It helps users play a looping slideshow with music and photos

Photo Slideshow Director allows you set slideshow time and transition time. Default value for show time and transition time is 4 and 2 seconds. You can set the value between 1.0 – 10.9 seconds in line with your needs. This app also helps you play a looping slideshow with music and photos. It’s very easy, just touch and move the “repeat” button rightward until it turns to “on”.


Play a Looping Slideshow with Music and Photos


5. It helps you play slideshow movie on HDTV

Photo Slideshow Director is ready for playing slideshow on HDTV directly. Just connect your iPhone and HDTV with HDMI cable, Apple Digital AV or VGA Adapter so the slideshow will be mirrored on HDTV screen with hi-resolution of 1280×720. Your photos will look great with highest quality on big TV screen.

Play iPhone Slideshow Movie on HDTV


6. Save slideshow movie on iPhone.

Encoding photo slideshow to HD MP4 movie at a very high speed with super quality. You can export slideshow to “Phone Library” as a MOV video and this video will save in your iPhone.

Create a Photo Slideshow and Save on iPhone


7. It also helps you upload slideshow to YouTube, Facebook directly

With the slideshow video saved in Camera Roll. You can also share with your friends by sending to YouTube, Facebook etc.

8. Transfer slideshow movie to desktop PC with WiFi wireless

Photo Slideshow Director has released to version 4.0. A new function named “Wifi Transfer” was added to the new version. With it you can transfer iPhone slideshow directly to desktop PC if Wifi Wireless is connection.  Don’t need any USB or HDML cables.

Transfer Slideshow Video from iPhone to PC with WiFi Wireless


Now Photo Slideshow Director has released to Version 4.0. What’s new in version 4.0:

1. Add a wireless transfer function, you can easily access the slideshow movie via Wifi connection, while you open the wireless transfer dialog, you can save the movie file on desktop PC or play the video on your iPad,iPhone and other mobile devices.

2. Add 1080p HD video output for iPhone 4S

3. Added sorting function by date, file name.

4. Optimize the code and it is more stable, especially on iPod, iPhone 3GS

For more information please browse our blog http://photo-slideshow-director.com/blog If you have any feedback or advice you can send email to support@socusoft.com





How to Create a Looping Slideshow Display on iPad

iPad makes a great table-top slideshow platform. Whoever you are, occasionally you may find yourself needing to play a slideshow loops on display for business, courseware, product shows or other social occasion. However, you can’t find a way to loop a slideshow in the iPad version.

How to create a looping slideshow display on iPad? Here are some tips to get you on the road to making a professional and polished lopping slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD.

Photo Slideshow Director HD is a HD photo slideshow app that helps you turn your photos and music into fantastic slideshows. The outstanding feature of Photo slideshow Director HD is its easy and quick action to do everything yet the output slideshow is still very attractive and different. After you easily import images into slideshow and select one or more great songs to be the background music or choose the lovely slideshow theme and dramatic transition, this slideshow you have prepared.

Now, to create a looping slideshow you just need a simple step. Tap the “Setting” option on the upper right hand corner of the screen then you will see a switch named “Repeat at the end”. Move right until it turns to “On” so the slideshow will repeat at the end.

Create a Looping Slideshow on iPad

Finally, you can play the looping slideshow on HDTV or upload to YouTube, Facebook directly or transfer it to your desk PC if the iPad has WiFi connection.

Photo Slideshow Director HD WiFi Transfer

A Special Pan&Zoom Tool of Photo Slideshow Director HD

A Special Pan&Zoom Tool of Photo Slideshow Director HD

Adding Pan&Zoom effect into photos always makes slideshow more attractive. One of the greatest features of Photo Slideshow Director HD is its flexible ability to set special Pan&Zoom effect into Photos.

Here is a video slideshow with Pan&Zoom effect made by Photo Slideshow Director HD.

Now let’s suppose a slideshow without Pan&Zoom effect. We add funny photos, favorite music, set a dramatic transition effect and choose a sweet slideshow theme, the slideshow play well and it gives people multilayer vision enjoyment. But we still feel that it loses something. The slideshow just play from near to the distant or left to right. Thinking that if these photos can be played from side to side or rotated freely in the current screen while moving, it’s really a feast for eyes. Photo Slideshow Director HD has such a special feature for setting Pan&Zoom effect so you can achieve the visual delight.

How to set Pan&Zoom effect?

After adding photos, please tap one of photos from the photo list which is at the bottom of the main view. A Pencil tab on the left top of the small photo will appear. Tap it and you will be noticed some Edit options including arranging photos order, deleting photos, adding Pan & Zoom effect … Please tap the third options about Pan&Zoom, then you will have a view similar to the one below.

Adding Pan&Zoom Effect to Make Slideshow More Fantastic

Adding Pan&Zoom Effect to Make Slideshow More Fantastic

Step 1. Reduce or Enlarge

Simple use your gestures to reduce or enlarge the current image.

Create a photo slideshow with photos and music into fantastic slideshow in minutes on iPad.

Reduce Image to Set Pan&Zoom Effect for Photos

Step 2. Rotate

Use the gestures to make counter clockwise rotation or clockwise rotation until the image turns the figure or size you want to start to play.

Create a photo slideshow with photos and music into fantastic slideshow in minutes on iPad.

Rotate Image to Set Pan&Zoom effect for Photos

Step 3. Move, “Set as Start” and “Set as End”

Touch the rotation image, move it to one of sides you want to start to play. For example, you can move it to the Upper Left Corner then tap the “Set as Start” button. Move the image again to the Lower Right Corner, you can reduce, enlarge or rotate it then tap the “Set As End” button.  So the image will play as the route as you set.

photo album, photo slideshow, music,  HD videos, YouTube, Facebook.

Move Image to Set Pan&Zoom Effect for Photos

HDTV, photo slideshow, photo album, iPad album, YouTube, Facebook

Set Pan&Zoom Effect to Make Slideshow More Fantastic

Enjoy it!