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“The iPad has an excellent camera and picture viewer but I am disappointed at the inability to create new albums and organize my pictures on iPad. I know it can create folders on pc and then sync to get photos in different albums. But is there a way (app or otherwise) to organize and create new albums just using the iPad? If I want to organize a sort of photos from cameral or Facebook, Flick, Picasa photo album, what shall I do?”

Most of iPad users have the same trouble like above. They can start slideshow for all of the photos in photo library. But if people took a lot of photos on birthday party,wedding, travel or feast and want to handpick them from iPad photo library. The slideshow founction on iPad cannot help them as it’s too simple. You need an app.

iPad Slideshow

 Yes, it always has an organizer app can help you sort photos to different albums or select any photos you like to create a slideshow movie then export to YouTube, Facebook, iPad or transfer to desktop PC directly without the hassle of having to look for a USB cable.

Photo Slideshow Director HD is the best one to help you organize photo on iPad.

Photo Slideshow Director is a HD photo slideshow app that lets you use your iPad to organize your digital photos from camera roll, Picasa web albums,Facebook photo albums, Flickr photo sets and create eye-catching slideshow in minutes.

After preparing the photo slideshow, users have different ways to save the movie.  They can mirror slideshow movie from iPad to HDTV, output as a MOV video on iPad, upload to YouTube, Facebook directly or transfer slideshow movie to desktop pc if Wifi wireless is connecting.

Let me show you how to organize your photos on iPad.

Key Options and Tabs of Photo Slideshow Director HD

Step 1. Add photos

Open Photo Slideshow Director HD, tap the “Photo” icon on the left side of the view. It will pop photos album options up to allow you select photos from iPad by touching every photo you like with finger. Here you can take a photo, too.

Add Photos to Photo Slideshow Director HD

If you want to import one of your favorite photos from Facebook album, Flickr album, Picasa Web album, please tap the “Web” icon, then you have a view similar to the one below.

Import photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Album

Choose one of the three options, enter your email address and password then sign in. Tap every photo you want then add to slideshow.

Step 2. Edit Photos

Once you’ve chosen your album, you can start to edit these photos. Please tap one of photos from the photo list which is at the bottom of the screen. A Pencil tab on the left top of the small photo will appear. Tap it and you will be noticed some Edit options including arranging photos order, deleting photos, adding Pan & Zoom effect …

Tap the first option “Arrange”, there you can drag any photos to anywhere to arrange order of these photos. You can delete photos by tapping the second options “Delete”. If you touch the third option, please use pan, pinch, rotation, gestures to set start or end frame to add Pan & Zoom effect into the slideshow. The last option is about photo editor, tap it or touch the current display photos on the main screen then you will see a series of setting functions including photo text, effect, orientation, brightness… you can crop, rotate and flip the photo in slideshow, adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast, apply beautiful stylistic effects to photos , remove red eyes, add text or drawing on photos.

Edit Photos

There is also an easy and direct way to edit photos. Touch your finger on one of photos in photo list for one second. Then drag it above and this photo will be removed. Drag toward left or right you can also arrange photos order.

Powerful Photo Editor

Step 3. Sort photos by name or date or change them randomly

When you go to the tab “Arrange”, tap the “Sort” option on the upper left-hand of the arranging interface, here you can set photos sort by name or date. Just choose “File Name- Ascending”, “File Name- descending” or “Date Created- Ascending”, “Date Created- descending”.

If you tap the “Shuffle” option on the bottom left-hand of the arranging interface so the photos order will be changed randomly. Of course! If you don’t need it you can pass.

 Step 4. Add background music and theme

Step 5. Set the transition effect and time

Step 6. Export slideshow Movie

Now you have finished preparing the slideshow, you can play the slideshow movie on HDTV or upload to YouTube, Facebook directly or transfer it to your desk PC if the iPad has WiFi connection. Except playing slideshow movie need to connect your iPad to your big screen HDTV with a HDMI cable, you don’t need any USB cable when you save slideshow on iPad, transfer to pc or upload to YouTube and Facebook.

Save Slideshow Movie

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