Top photo slideshow softwares review

In this article, I will show you some top professional softwares for creating photo slideshow on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. With these applications, you can easily view your photos in slideshow video with dynamic effects.

I like taking photos wherever I go using camera, iPad, cellphones. After getting home, I will view them and choose best ones for sharing with friends. I think it is boring to only watch still photos, So I have tried many slideshow softwares to make photos more interesting to enjoy. After digging and try, I get some very useful ones for different devices, including Windows Computer, Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod and share them with you here.

1. Photo Slideshow Director HD for iPad

Photo Slideshow Director HD is applied to iPad for creating slideshow video with iPhoto library and website pictures. Import iPad photos and your Picasa/ Facebook/ Flickr web album photos to the app, add slideshow background music , customize transitions and pan&zoom effects, choose a theme, then export the slideshow to iPad library as a video or upload it to Facebook and YouTube. This app also enables you to watch the slideshow on HDTV by airplay or connecting iPad to Apple TV with cable. You can get this powerful software in iTunes store at $3.99.slideshow maker for ipad

2. DVD Photo Slideshowfor Windows

From its name, you can learn that it is a tool to create photo slideshow and burn photos to DVD. Aside from making photo slideshow DVD(SVCD/VCD/Blue-ray disc are also available), it can create  slideshow for YouTube, Facebook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, kinds of cellphones, PSP, Archos devices. You can accomplish an eye-catching photo slideshow with many effects within minutes for its easy-to-use function. You can free download it from its website.create slideshow on windows computer

3. HD Slideshow Maker for Mac

Referring to Mac slideshow creator, you may think of iPhoto and iMovie. However, I would rather use HD Slideshow Maker relatively comparing with them. For it is more easy to use and more professional with many effects. I like its various beautiful themes and randomly assigned transitions which can save much work  if there are many photos. You can add more than one background songs and sync slideshow with music to keep them pace with each other. After finishing, you can save the slideshow to your Mac hard drive or upload it to YouTube and Facebook directly. Free download link is allowed.  Flash Slideshow maker is another mac slideshow software I like . It can create stunning slideshow flash with many templates.

create slideshow on mac

4. Photo Slideshow Director for iPhone

Comparing with iPhone, iPad and computer with bigger screen provide a better visual effects for viewing photos. However iPhone is convenient for carrying around for its small size and it has a perfect camera. So  people can take photos everywhere you go with iPhone. Photo Slideshow Director is a best choice for creating slideshow on iPhone. With it, you can quickly turn photos into slideshow with music, pan&zoom, dynamic transitions, themes, text and watch it on HDTV or upload it to Facebook and YouTube for sharing with friends.

create slideshow on iphone

5. iPod Photo Slideshow maker for iPod

create slideshow on ipodiPod Photo Slideshow allows you to create entertaining MPEG-4 photo slideshows playable on iPod. With a few minutes of work, you’ll have an eye-catching slide show with background music and transition effects. It supports Over 260 amazing transition effects with Pan & Zoom effect.


6.Socusoft Photo to Video Converter Free version

This is a completely free photo slideshow video software produced by Socusoft company. It can create  .mpg videos with your pictures with simple clicks. The best feature of the software is its easy-to-use function—Import photos, add background music, change transitions and output the .mpg video. As a free software, it is a nice choice. However, it is available to add text and choose theme with only professional version.

Best free slideshow software

Conclusion: Personally, all these slideshow makers do well in creating slideshow. You can choose them according to your devices. If you only choose one from them, DVD Photo Slideshow is the most powerful one. It supports diverse output formats and can create slideshow for iPad/iPhone/iPod/YouTube/Facebook/Myspace, burn photos to DVD/CD/Blue-Ray disc for enjoying on TV.

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