Watching YouTube Video on iPad

Basically, it is very easy to watch YouTube videos on your iPad. You just visit YouTube website with the Safari browser or simply install the YouTube app. However, it requires high network connection speed, especially when you watch those HD videos.

If you have wifi connected, it will be very smooth to watch the online YouTube videos. But if you only have 3G network, it won’t be that smooth, especially to watch those HD YouTube videos. Besides, it is a waste of 3G network flow.

Actually, if you are a Mac user, you can install the Clone2Go YouTube Downloader and let it download the online YouTube videos to your Mac. You just choose “MP4″ as the output format, then the downloaded videos can be directly transferred to your iPad without conversion.

Free YouTube Downloader for Mac

To transfer the downloaded MP4 videos to your iPad, you just add them to iTunes library first and then sync them to your iPad.

Then you will be able to watch the downloaded YouTube videos on your iPad even if there is no network connection.

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