Why background music is not with an exported slideshow video

Sometimes, after creating a slideshow with music using Photo Slideshow Director HD,  you may want to save it to iPad photo library, or wireless transfer it to PC. However, the background music is lost in the exported slideshow. So how can you fix the problem and create a slideshow with music?

It may be OK when previewing the slideshow. While you watch the slideshow saved in iPad Photo Library, the music is not there.

In this case, please check if you have used protected music (m4p ) purchased from iTunes Store, if yes,  you can try to add music files in m4a or mp3 format.  Because m4p file can not be exported due to DRM.

Also you can try to double-press the iPad home button to show all running apps, then close Photo Slideshow Director HD and restart it to export the slideshow again. Before closing the app, please remember to save the project.

If you still have problems, please email to slideshow@socusoft.com.

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