Outstanding Features about Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro

Compare with other top iPad slideshow apps on Apple store, this iPad slideshow app has many outstanding features.

General Features in Most of iPad Slideshow Apps on Apple Store

 photo slideshows ipad app on apple store

Photo Slideshows iPad App

Most of the iPad slideshow apps have the main features.

1. Add multiple photos & send email. People can easily adjust photos with a single tapusing Auto Correct . Most of iPad slideshow apps have powerfull editing tools.

2. Experiment with fun & innovative filters like Drama, Vintage, Grunge, and Tilt-Shift

3. Dramatic transition effcts & colourful slideshow themes.

4. Effortless Sharing. Directly upload to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, Email, Print or save to photo library.

5. High-resolution output.



 photo slideshows ipad app photo slideshow director hd in app storeAbout Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro

Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro is a perfect assistant for showingfabulous photos on HDTV in full screen. With this cool iPad app, you can make a slideshow out of your favoritephotos. Like other slideshow makers, background music is also enabled. Besides, there are a variety oftransition effects and themes to choose from, which will surely make your slideshow dynamic and professional.Sometimes, photos only cannot fully deliver the story behind. In this case, you can add a subtitle or a short text to the photos to help your audiences understand better whatthe slides are showing. Last but not the least, you can use pan&zoom effects and gestures like rotate/pinch to bring your photos to life in minutes!

Unique Features of Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro

1. Easy to use - Create slideshows in a snap

Photos, whether taken with the built-in camera in your iOS device or synced to your iDevice, you can simply tap to add them into your project. Everything is within your fingertips - applying transitions, selecting themes, adding background music, previewing the project and a lot more. With just taps and drags on iPad, you can turn your photo collections and music into dynamic slideshows with ease. With Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro, you just need to add photos and music to a project and then your slideshow is ready for showing.

photo slideshows ipad app

2. Optimized themes - Enhance your slideshows

Choose from up to six themes to decorate your slideshow. Each theme includes optimized presets for background color and pan & zoom effect and will definitely enhance the professional looking of your slideshow.

photo slideshows ipad app

3. Stunning transitions - Make your photos alive

Transitions will be randomly applied to the slideshow project by default. Alternatively, you are enabled to choose from up to 57 transition effects to make your slideshow more dynamic.

photo slideshows ipad app

4. Customize the slide shows - Do it your own way

Add a line of meaning text for each photo so that your audience can better understand what the slide is showing. Specify the photo duration and transition duration to control the timing of the slideshow. Choose music/theme/background image for your slide shows, change the order of each slide, adjust the transion time/effects and show time, sync the time of the photos and music, add subtitle or text narration to photos, or blank images to the slideshow, set the first and last frame and their effects, etc. Costomize your slideshow as you like!

photo slideshows ipad app

5. Add music to slideshows - Cheer your ears, never forget

Browse and select one or several songs from your own music library as the background music of the slideshow. In the timeline, you will exactly know where the song begins and ends. You can also organize the background music by adding another song, deleting an existing song, moving songs up and down, etc.

photo slideshows ipad app

6. Share slideshows on HDTV - Sharing is caring

Everything is ready? Now it is time to show your work to your audience. And this is easy! Connect your iPad with Apple Digital AV Adaptor and HDMI cable or with a Apple VGA Adaptor and the slideshow will be streaming to the big screen of your TV. Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro is designed to show the best quality of your photos, all photos are processed with highest quality settings and played with a screen resolution as high as 1920x1080.

photo slideshows ipad app

7.Support Picasa, Facebook and Flickr web album

You can import Picasa albums,Facebook Photos and Flickr albums to this app and play your Picasa,facebook and Flickr web album or transform them to slideshow movies as easy as 1,2,3.

8. Support RAW image format and big size images imported with Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

9. Faster than iMovie. You can import the encoded videos to iMovie for further editing.

10. Mirror slideshows to HDTV directly via AppleTV AirPlay (with Apple TV 2 and iOS 5.0 on iPad 2)

photo slideshows ipad app

photo slideshows ipad app photo slideshow director hd in app store