How to Create a Photo Slideshow with Slideshow iPad App

It's very easy to make a fantastic photo slideshow with slideshow iPad app. You just need to follow the next simple steps.

Here is a guide to show you how to create an unique sldieshow with slideshow app so you can share happy with your friends.

Step1. Loading slideshow app from Apple Store

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Step2. Adding and organizing photos.

Tap the “Photo” button on the left side of the view. It will pop photos album options up to allow you select photos from iPad by touching every photo you like with finger. You can also import Facebook album, Flickr album, Picasa Web album by taping the Web button then fill in your email and password.

Once you’ve chosen your album, you can start to organize these photos. Arrange photos order or add text, subtitle, Pan and Zoon effect into photos to make slideshow more interesting.

organize photo

Step3. Adding background music

Touch your finger on Music tab. You can sort by Songs, Artists, Albums, and more, allowing you to easily find the background music you’d like. Tap “Background Music List” which below the Music Options you can remove or arrange your chosen music, too.

Step4. Select slideshow theme

Now, tap on Theme option which is near the Music option. There are many beautiful stylistic themes. Please choose one of them. Tapp the Customize option on the right top of the Theme view,there you can add background picture to make the slideshow more attractive, too.

Step5. Adding transition effects

Tap the Transition option which is between two photos on the bottom photo list, select your favorite and animated transition effects to the slideshow. If you tap the Setting option which on the right top of the main screen you can set duuration time of slideshow and transition.

Touch the Time option can make music and slideshow synchronization, too. Tap and move the switch On, if the slideshow photos duration is shorter than music, the system will suggest you adding more photos or change photo duration.

Step6. Export sldieshow to HDTV, Youtube, Facebook or save on your iPad

Tap the “Export” icon on main screen toolbar. You can export slideshow into HDTV, photo library, Youtube, Facebook. If you want to play video on HDTV. Please connect your iPad to your big screen HDTV with a HDMI cable. You can also watch the slideshow movies on TV via AppleTV AirPlay.

If you want to save this slideshow on iPad, tap Photo Library option, choose the HD 720p resolution for the best video quality then tap Publish. You will find the output MOV movie file in photo library on your iPad.

export slideshow

It’s easy to create such a fantastic photo slideshow with Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro. Enjoy it!

Below is some frequently questions customers will meet.

Tips and Tricks

1. How to play the slideshow on Apply TV via AirPlay?

- Please make sure you are using iPad 2 and Apple TV 2. And with iOS 5 on both devices. Then please read the user guide below to turn on the AirPlay Mirroring function: How to use AirPlay with Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro on iPad

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2. How to delete unwanted music?

- In the project timeline, tap the title of the song and the music playlist pops up. Tap the song and then tap the "Remove" button to delete it.

3.Where to find the created projects?

- Tap "My Projects" in the upper-right corner above the viewer. Scroll the projects, and tap the one you want to open or edit.

ipad slide show apps

4. How to rearrange the order of each slide?

- Tab on the photo you want to rearrange, there will appear 4 different arrows with two other buttons. Use the 4 arrows you can put the photo forward or backward, and set it as the first or the last slide.

5. How to add my own theme to the slideshow?

- Tap on the "Customize' button in the upper-right corner of the "Theme" site and you are able to choose your own image as the slideshow theme.

6. How to use one transition for the whole slideshow?

ipad slide show apps

- Tap on the dice icon between two slides and you can see a window with all transition pop up. Choose one of them and turn on the "Apply to all" button.

7. How to play the slideshows on HDTV?

- Connect your iPad to your TV set with HDMI cable; Choose "HDTV" as output format; The project begins to play in full-screen mode on your TV.

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