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App name: Photo Slideshow Director HD Pro
Requirements: iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 4.3 or above

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Make HD Slideshow movies on iPad Easily

Simply awesome. Worked wonderfully! ★★★★★
by Azgasser - Version 3.4 - May 28, 2012
Easy and fun to use.

Perfect App ★★★★★
by DUIGuy - Version 3.4 - May 27, 2012
This app is the most complete app that I have come across. No I don't work for the developer. It is just that many iPad apps leave you feeling that there should be just a little more to the app when compared to a real PC (sorry) program, but that is not the case here. I felt like I was working with a complete program. Easy to use. Low learning curve. Lots of options when it comes to customizing your slide show, that of course in synced to your choice of music. An app I can use on the couch and make a completed project without wishing I had my laptop. A real find.

Great little app ★★★★
by Shadow1644 - Version 3.4 - May 26, 2012
This is a great little app that is easy to use, with a very short learning curve. Response time for a question was a matter of hours not days. It even has pretty extensive photo editing tools. Although a manual is available online it is not very detailed. You can learn everything you need to know by playing with all the buttons.1644

Great app! ★★★★★
by Youngs97 - Version 3.4 - May 23, 2012
I purchased 4 different apps to make sideshows before I purchased this one. So easy to use and did exactly what I wanted! Highly recommend this app! I haven't had any issues with it crashing.

Pretty good! ★★★★★
by Proanonymous - Version 3.4 - May 6, 2012
Easy to use. Could be easier to sort pics after initial placing photos in show, but I may just need to work with it more. Overall great value & to echo another review, I can't find anything else that is comparable ease & quality.

Cool ★★★★★
by Tjvogt - Version 3.4 - May 5, 2012
This is so awesome especially if you have kids or grand kids! Good job to ever produced this.

Needs ability to edit music ★★
by Kcooper925 - Version 3.4 - May 3, 2012
Can't edit or shorten music clips. Have wasted more time figuring out a work around than I did making the slide show. Would nit recommend if you want music with your side show.

Great app, but... ★★★★
by Smacd2012 - Version 3.4 - Apr 30, 2012
I love the app, so easy to use and creates great sideshows, BUT, it crashes every time I try to play the show :(. So disappointed because I want to use this to display at a party. It will really stink if it crashes in the middle of the show. Please please come up with a fix!!!!!!

Great App, works well, simple to use ★★★★★
by harpo1 - Version 3.4 - Apr 29, 2012
This is the only ver. I've used (3.4). Can't say much about before, but this ver seems to work just fine. After searching for something else, even after I bought this app, I can't find anything better or cheaper than this one. They all pretty much do about the same. I like this app because it is intuitive, simple to use, has a fair amount of stuff you can do to the photo including music. I like that it will allow you to piggyback songs. As I write this, the app is encoding a 100 photo slideshow w/music into a video format. Pretty cool.

Good until you try to upload ★★★
by Replay333 - Version 3.3 - Apr 25, 2012
It makes great videos but every time I try to upload one of those great videos, I get an error message. It takes at least 45 minutes to upload and waits until it gets to 100% to give you the error message. I love making videos with it, but pointless if I can't upload them.

Amazing - "Very nice!" - by ali st

Love it - "Very easy to use and makes beautiful videos and slide shows. Even I can use it:)" - by Cathy Krege

Thank you - "Simple to use, plenty of choices and easy to change should care to. Love it." - by Eiger16

Awesome! - "Within just a matter of minutes I was able to take some of my favorite photos and create a cool HD movie on my iPad 2. For myself, this works perfectly and is very simple and easy to use. No complains at this time. I did this without having to stumble through figuring out how to put a slideshow together. Interface is totally self ecplantory. I needed no help figuring this app out! Great job! Looking forward to future updates." - by PoorMacUser

Excellent - "Update 2: Version 2.3 addresses my concerns regarding synchronizing my slides with my music. I am now very pleased with this app and highly recommend it. Also, it is obvious to me that the developer is responsive to the app reviews and has done an excellent job in addressing purchaser concerns and suggestions for improvement. Keep up the good work!" - by Robert Dubya

Really Good Slideshow Program - "I just got back from a 2 week vacation in Maui and I usually download my hi rez camera pics down to my iPad 2 to check them out. When I got home I wanted a program that I could make a quick slide show on the iPad to show the family. I tried about 8 programs before running across this one and it does just what I need. This upgrade adds more features that I can use. Nice to see that a good program is being improved regularly." - by UTAvalanche

good - "I like it." - by thunderdragon.corporation

Awesome "Luv gr8. U guys should make a video editor with transitions like this. I'd definitely buy." - by Seventh key

Ok, Now We Are Bumpin' - "After fixing the "fix"...that broke the projects. That was good. Adding the connection to Picasa (pull only) is a very good addition. Adding the export file as movie feature makes this much a more useable as a production tool, love that too. That makes it a killer for me.. Giving me access to all my photos (local&cloud) fantastic. Keep on Bumpin' Thanks for being responsive." - by Tobor58

great update - "I like the new feature to encode the slideshow to HD movie. Very fast on my iPad 2 and in super quality while selecting 720p HD. By fredthomas

Awesome - Awesome app." - by crazyxyz

Easy to use - "I'd like to say this app offered me a fairly simple way to show my school photos to my family. Thanks!" - by Terry609

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